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    Mine arrived today

    I am not a big Lightroom user, but use Photoshop. I have CC version with the monthly charge. I haven't used the pen or the dial as I am waiting until the software really catches up to the capabilities of the Studio. So don't have huge expectations in this regard just yet. The display is...
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    Wifi disconnecting

    Still no issues with my Studio and internet. Get a new router.......
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    I am thinking of getting rid of my Surface Pro4....I had it driving a 24" monitor, but after viewing the Studio Monitor...OMG! This new monitor is like a massive gigantic ipad pro. Photos look nothing short of fantastic on it. I have it sitting on my roll top desk that I bought at auction...
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    Mine arrived today

    sorry not using it for video....rather for photos.....
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    Wifi disconnecting

    I got mine today and so far not a problem. Perhaps your WiFi is dropping out or maybe you got a bad unit......I had issues with my SP 4, but that turned out to be a crappy wireless router.
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    Mine arrived today

    my loaded up Studio arrived today via Best Buy. Currently I am loading Creative Cloud on it to see how it goes. Initial, big screen followed by wow, is that a beautiful screen. Give me some time to use it and I can provide some feedback......I also need to move my Surface...
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    trouble reading microSD and USB port

    Just spent 2 hours with technical support to be told to post here....hopefully microsoft engineers will read this. Just got my new SP4. I have a microSD card plugged in and tried to plug a USB 3.0 Insignia card reader with Compact flash card inserted. The SP4 did not read the USB3 card...

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