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    In store availability

    Well I was standing at the Best Buy door when they opened at 10:00 AM CST and found out they had 4 Surface Books in stock for sale. A 128GB, two 256GB and a 512GB/16GB i7. The i7 is what I went there for and now have all setup. Like a kid with a new toy.. :) Orgbrat
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    Dual Monitor Setup

    Here is an update that I have discovered. On these U2414H monitors the display ports default to DP 1.1a and you have to enable DP 1.2 to get the additional functionality. Which does allow me to use the two Dell monitors as I wanted. That is Windows 8.1 Start screen on monitor 1 and the desktop...
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    Dual Monitor Setup

    I received my two new Dell UltraSharp 24" ( U2414H ) monitors today. I ordered these monitors because they are designed to use in a display port daisy chain arrangement. So I set them up as following, plugged micro-display port into the Surface Pro 2 dock then plugged the other end of the cable...
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    Dual External Monitors Selection

    So I have my new Surface Pro 2 ( 512GB / 8Gb ) along with the Microsoft Surface docking station. I currently have two old existing DELL P2210 monitors that I had and are now mounted on a Planar dual monitor stand connected ( one direct to dock and the other with a Plugable USB 3.0 graphics...

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