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  1. Uncensored2008

    8.1 Bricked my Pro.

    Not literally, but functionally. The upgrade to Windows 8.1 has caused all of my important programs to stop functioning. I suspect it is security related, but the majority of corporate software, including the VPN client, Citrix Xenapp, and the company ERP no longer will run. It was the...
  2. Uncensored2008

    Anand pimps out the Surface Pro

    With a 256GB SSD. They strip a 64GB model and put in the large drive. Very cool. AnandTech | Microsoft Surface Pro mSATA SSD Upgrade: Dangerous but Successful
  3. Uncensored2008

    iPad Mini

    The boss had to have one. Brought it in and I must say, what a worthless device. Screen is too small for a viable tablet. No voice ability and too bulky to be a good phone. Screen is okay, but not as good as my Droid Razr. At least the regular iPad is good for Youtube and ebooks. I can't see...
  4. Uncensored2008


    I put in an order for 30 Surface Pro tablets. After piloting the tablet for a month, my confidence level is high that the tablet is viable in a corporate environment. The ability to join to an Active Directory domain with full LDAP support ensures sufficient security and interoperability with...
  5. Uncensored2008

    Why does anyone care about the App store?

    Now that even the Surface RT will run legacy programs, why should anyone care about ports from iPad or Android? The real programs availible to Windows have always been vastly superior to the "apps" on mobile devices, so what is the worry of a dearth of Apps in the Microsoft store? I can point to...
  6. Uncensored2008

    For those who have trouble with SSL VPN

    The Surface Pro is a 64 bit machine with a 64 bit OS. For a couple of people I've encountered, this has presented a problem in setting up an SSL VPN. (If you don't know what that is, go ahead and ignore the rest of this post.) With Cisco, Palo Alto, WatchGuard, and Sonicwall, the basic rule...
  7. Uncensored2008

    Complaints with the Surface Pro

    So with about 48 hours of use so far, here are the main complaints I have; 1.) Stylus Storage. With other tablets, a stylus wasn't really needed, but with the SP there are some operations that are nearly impossible without the stylus - at least with my big fingers. The magnetic coupling is so...
  8. Uncensored2008

    Hello All!

    Hello to all; I just got a Surface Pro and am running it through the paces. This is a full-circle situation for me. My first smart phone was a Windows CE based IPaq. It funny to remember all those who claimed that it was too big for a phone - though considerably smaller than a Galaxy S3...

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