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    Just smashed corner of screen - and it needed repairing already - what can I do?

    If you got the Microsoft Complete Extended warranty I believe it's good for 2 years and 2 screen replacements ($50 deductible each replacement). The problem with the hotel video is sure they may see the porter drop the bag but there is no way to prove that the screen wasn't cracked before hand...
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    Arc Mouse Touch Surface Edition Scrolling Problem

    Mine does this from time to time, I just turn it off (fold flat) and then turn it back on. It's a little annoying but it's a quick 3 second fix.
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    Cleaning The Screen..

    I have a screen protector and use microfiber, the screen protector does not interfere with the pen or touch screen.
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    Photoshop CC on surface pro 3

    I have the exact same model (i7 256) and being connected to the charger will affect the fan. I also noticed that if there are updates it will download them in the background which will also trigger the fan, it's gotten to the point where when the fan kicks in I check and see if there are...
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    Anyone here prefer the SP3 type cover over the SP4 cover?

    I picked up the new keyboard on launch day while I was on vacation in Florida as the SP3 keyboard was driving me nuts with no separation between the keys and my delete key would randomly get stuck, deleting a lot more than I intended (got over this by using backspace key). I like the SP4...
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    Question about the new keyboard

    Thanks for the replies, after playing with it some more it does appear to work but the magnet is not nearly as strong as the original keyboard for the SP3, a decent bump and it comes undone.
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    Question about the new keyboard

    So I have the SP3 and I picked up the new keyboard today as the delete key on my old one kept sticking and I liked the idea of a little space between the keys instead of them being flush next to one another. My question is this for those who have the new keyboard (mine does not have the finger...
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    Chromecast Compatibility?

    Last fall I picked up a Chromecast to play around with mirroring and honestly it was pretty clunky and not user friendly. There may have been updates since but if wanting to cast something from the internet you had to use Chrome browser and once it was open I had to make one or two selections...
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    Hard Shell Case for Surface Pro 3

    Also when you flip the keyboard underneath, if you don't want the keys exposed then pull the keyboard off, flip it around and reconnect. This way when the keyboard is folded underneath the keys will be against the back of the UAG case. I've had my UAG case for over a month now and really like...
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    Kickstand problem or it is normal? PLEASE HELP me!

    Yep, that's the case. I've had it for a week now and really like it.
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    Anyone able to create hotspot on Surface Pro 3?

    Glad you were able to find a resolution. Did Microsoft ever claim that it was able to do what you were wanting? I don't recall reading anything about it but I could have missed it. I think the SP3 is a great device and has met every expectation, the only thing I'm not thrilled about is...
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    Kickstand problem or it is normal? PLEASE HELP me!

    If I open the stand from one side then I get that but what I do is slightly open it from the side then grab the bottom center of the kickstand and extend the angle and don't have problems. I mainly do this because always grabbing from one side and pulling it out had me a little concerned that...
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    Folio cases that do not hinder the SP3 stand?

    I have the Moko case and just picked up the UAG case this weekend I prefer the UAG case for two reasons, 1) when it tablet mode with the Moko you have to fold the cover back behind the SP3 and if you are holding/carrying...
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    Surface Pro 3 Poor material quality

    Sorry your case did that, if the scratches bug you you can get skins for it. I got mine from stickerboy and chose the Silver Brushed Aluminum Metal series and it looks pretty good.
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    Microsoft Wireless Adapter?

    Tested mine last night and it connected just fine, I ran it for about 10 minutes and no dropped connection. I had never tried streaming video before so I loaded Youtube and it played pretty good, not jittery but not entirely fluid motion (played a music video). Honestly I personally wouldn't...
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    Solved Arc Mouse on Surface Pro 3

    Same issue with the scrolling just stopping for no reason, simple fold it out and fold it back fixes it but annoying for a $60 mouse (got it shortly after it came out).
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    Surface 3 is the tablet I wanted vs Pro 3 but can't change

    I'm very happy with my SP3 and wouldn't trade for he S3, as far as users go it depends on what you do. I run Photoshop, sometimes Illustrator and Dreamweaver and it runs great... no slow downs at all. I have an i7 256 which has 8GB of RAM, the most you can get in a S3 is 4GB of ram... I don't...
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    Microsoft Wireless Adapter?

    That's odd, I have two Microsoft Wireless Display Adapters and I have connected both to a few tv's without any issues. Are you still running Windows 8.1 or have you installed 10? If you have Windows 10 installed that's probably the issue, if not then I'm not sure. It's been about a month...
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    Lower end Surface 4?

    Got an email from Microsoft this morning with the subject line "Introducing the New Surface 3". It's a 10.8" and models with 4G LTE, here is a link to the website...
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    Microsoft Annouces the Surface 3

    Got an email first thing this morning with the above subject line, looks like Microsoft is releasing a smaller Surface. Here is the link to the landing page...

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