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  1. MrGoodtunes

    External Hardrive

    And here's a picture of it:
  2. MrGoodtunes

    External Hardrive

    I like using an internal solid-state drive externally. They are now available in many capacities, are lightweight, transportable. Here's the one I bought: 120GB - Samsung 840 Series Solid State Drive (SSD) with Desktop and Notebook Installation Kit 120 sata_6_0_gb 2.5-Inch...
  3. MrGoodtunes

    USB Port awkward tightness.

    Me too. Still, I always keep a thin coat of Vaseline on male USB plug. Not only to make it smooth inserting, but to reduce contact surface oxidization.
  4. MrGoodtunes

    Post photos of your Surface RT

    This is one of my Windows Mobile devices along side of the Surface RT bought for my wife who travels often and likes to watch TV recordings in flight: Sure beats her old method of using a DVD recorder and carrying a DVD player with heavy battery pack. Now recording to microSD using...
  5. MrGoodtunes

    Why does the Amazon app need to snoop through my home network?

    Agreed. But on the other hand, when I buy an MP3 on Amazon, it goes to their 'Cloud' player. From there I can download to a limited number of devices. They apparently want to keep track of such things regarding digital media downloads, probably to discourage pirating.
  6. MrGoodtunes

    Apps I would like to see on Surface RT

    WAV recorder While Multimedia-8 will record, its input comes from built-in microphones. I'm looking to record from stereo 'Line In' type, which I suspect will require some kind of USB cable. Perhaps more, like firmware/driver?
  7. MrGoodtunes

    Music app won't add music I put on my microSD card

    What 'App' are you using? Have you tried MultiMedia 8 (free at the store) or just the (lame) shipped Music app? Also, look around this forum. I saw a few posts with info re ways to import SD card media into Libraries where even the stock app can see it.
  8. MrGoodtunes

    Dead Pixel

    Had a dead pixel from the instant I first turned on my SurfaceRT. But it went away after some quick sliding around of various screens about 10 minutes into my 1st session. Then, it came back, same spot, in lower right area. Took less time for it to start working again, and has not returned...
  9. MrGoodtunes

    No app to play .wav files?

    Surface RT won't play WAV files? Sheesh! I plan on recording to WAV, maybe even editing. Such functionality aught to be there right out of the box. PS: Navigated into [C: > Windows > Media] folder, and selected on a file with the headphones icon. By viewing its details, it shows this is a WAV...
  10. MrGoodtunes

    Got My Surface Yesterday, Check What I Am Doing With It

    Very cool, you've caused me to start thinking outside the box. Thanks!
  11. MrGoodtunes

    My Plans for the Surface - Post Your's?

    Ugh! Seems to me this issue should be an early focus for hacking and development. BTW thanks J5150P for your quick replies and other helpful posts.
  12. MrGoodtunes

    My Plans for the Surface - Post Your's?

    Thanks, good news! I bought Surface RT for my wife who flys often and watches videos during long flights on an old DVD portable with weak, heavy batteries. Also, and very importantly, I hope to... tether! (i.e. Connect Surface to the Internet via my Windows Mobile smartphone with USB cable, same...
  13. MrGoodtunes

    Adding Media Files to Surface

    I'm hoping (sort of expecting) we'll be able to drag & drop media files, folders, etc. That's how I've been transfering files for the past decade between Windows XP desktop and Windows Mobile pocket PC.
  14. MrGoodtunes

    Micro SD Support on RT???

    Hopefully, we can assume this means support for microSDHC (up to 32GB) and microSD (up to 2GB) as well?

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