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  1. Padron26

    Surface Pro Power Adapter

    Ive got a extra surface pro 1 oem charger. It was a spare. If i dont sell it ill probably cut and resplice a new connector so i can use it with my sp3.
  2. Padron26

    finally! a good SP3 cover/case

    Just wondering how you like your case since youve had it for a few months. Can you post a pic or 2 to show how it wore. My sp3 is naked at the moment i just havent found any cases that i like, i have the manvex case on my sp1 and it has little to no wear for being over a year old.
  3. Padron26

    sd card stuck in surface pro.

    Or a girlfriend with longer finger nails ;) and do what Machistmo said
  4. Padron26

    Broken headphone jack

    I would go back to best buy and tell them that you want to ad the geek squad protection. Even though they are not supposed to do this after 15 days unless you are a silver member. Most of the time they will add the service. Its nice to have anyways, especially for situations like this.
  5. Padron26

    Use This Gadget to Run EVERYTHING From Your USB 3.0...

    Cool thread, it reminded me that I have a hp version of this the hp 3005pr that I use to use with smaller laptops hp 8440 & 8460. It worked we'll with laptops, not sure about the SP yet. It was very useful when I needed it
  6. Padron26

    stickerboy wedge mouse

    Nice looking skins
  7. Padron26

    How strong is your loyalty!?

    But then again abused wives have support from family and friends, and they still end up staying with there abusers. When they finally find the nerve/strength to venture outside the yard, sometimes...the grass is greener.
  8. Padron26

    How strong is your loyalty!?

    I have to agree with you about the Windows Phone it just needs more time, ive always loved windows all the way from Win 98 to my first smartphone a Motorola i930 Windows mobile. ive had every higher end Android phone that Verizon has to offer. I just always feel the need to Root and Rom them...
  9. Padron26

    Headset with remote control (play/pause & volume).

    Yeah when you long press, it sets the device into discovery mode. Pretty much for all Bluetooth devices. I got terrible distance with the bluebirds maybe 5-10 feet. I get 25-30 feet + with the bluebuds, plus you will have a nice noticeable sound quality increase with the bluebuds.
  10. Padron26

    Headset with remote control (play/pause & volume).

    Hershko That's the first pair of jaybirds that I've had, yeah I had no problem pairing them with the SP or any other device. Just try restarting your surface and with it Looking for a new device, long press on the jaybirds so its in discovery mode. Only problem that I have, is having 2 of the...
  11. Padron26

    Accessory Compatibility Thread

    Working, Hp wireless mouse Model Fha-3510 Intocircuit 26000 portable battery pack Jaybird Bluebud headphone, Bluetooth able to adjust volume on the headsets it doesn't adjust the pc volume. Logitech k400 wireless keyboard with key pad MS Wireless Mobile mouse 4000 MS Wedge mouse MS sculpt...
  12. Padron26

    Headset with remote control (play/pause & volume).

    I don't think it is possible yet to have all the controls like skipping. the closest thing I found was Bluetooth headphones. I got 2 pairs of the Jaybird bluebuds, the sound quality is better than a lot of the wired headsets they are a bit pricey. but they sound good, last 7-8 hours and it only...
  13. Padron26

    Bestbuy releasing new security app

    Ruffles just make sure you aint watching adult films ;) yeah ive prey installed on my everything but my I devices. I just hope that I never have to use it, but if I do ill be somewhat ready.
  14. Padron26

    Ghost or Image Surface Pro

    I like using Acronis for a complete disk image, Seagate also uses a cloning software which is free and its powered by Acronis. Acronis ifs kinda pricey if you are only gonna use it a few times, on the other hand seagates version is free. The catch with the Seagate version is that you need to...
  15. Padron26

    Anyone Tried One of These with Their Surface?

    It definitely looks nice...but not sure from the reviews that it has. It reminds me of the MS Arc mouse, I just wish that it was bluetooth instead of those USB receivers.
  16. Padron26

    Bagged the Wedgie for some Sulpted Comfort

    The sculpt mouse is a little smaller than the sculpt comfort mouse. But not by much. I had it a few months ago. I just didn't like the feel so i donated it to a friend.
  17. Padron26

    5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!

    KayZee, that is what I wanted it for also. Yeah it's completely programmable. I like that you can program the left thumb button 2 different functions, I use it for Swype down-back button. Which saves me a lot of time. It does sometimes take a sec to be acknowledged by the SP, but that is like...
  18. Padron26

    Displaying to HDMI?

    have you right clicked on the desktop, >screen resolution >display >select 2nd screen or duplicate screens
  19. Padron26

    External Hardrive

    there are a lot of these connectors around. I always see them in Comp usa which is tiger direct online. pretty much any external sata hd case will do this, in either usb 2.0 or 3.0 and esata. SIIG USB 3.0 to SATA 6Gb/s Adapter at Kingwin 2.5" SATA to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Drive...
  20. Padron26

    Third Party Chargers

    I bought the same one That Arnold C got, ive mentioned a few times in the external battery pack thread that I had arcing. with this particular charger/connector. it was 14.99 +/- on ebay, I would not recommend it. also one of the charger 120v prongs came out and was stuck in my surge protector...

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