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    Can't play XBOX videos

    Finally got an email from Microsoft. They asked what videos were not working, when they were purchased, what exact error was. When I went to check the RT, all the videos were playing fine. I don't get it. Don't know if they did something, or if one of the updates in the mean time fixed things or...
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    Can't play XBOX videos

    Contacted Microsoft via their 'chat support team'. Issue could not be resolved. Was told someone from Microsoft would get in touch with me within 5 days. Still waiting.
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    Can't play XBOX videos

    Hello I have recently purchased a Surface RT. I've noticed that the videos I have purchased on my XBOX 360 are available on the Surface. When I try to play them, I get an error message something to the tune of 'Can not play videos out of region'. I am located in Canada. I checked location in...

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