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  1. J

    Touch cover 2 woes

    I had that problem too, I have a Surface Pro and thought I could use same keyboard with both, ended up getting another original touch keyboard.
  2. J

    Usb compatibilty

    I have a Samsung external drive for use with my Pro and it connects and is powered by USB no problem, I would say it's probably the drive that is the problem.
  3. J

    Good place to repair Mircosoft RT

    I would agree with kindas1 in hat try cleaning all the contacts first off, if that does not work then a bluetooth keyboard or as I did a wireless keyboard and mouse set with mini dongle.
  4. J

    Creating recovery media; will an 8GB USB Flash Drive suffice?

    Both my RT and Surface pro are on a USB 2 pen drive, I found that with the Pro I required a 16GB pen drive, my RT fit a 8GB no problem, I did try the 8GB but no joy.
  5. J

    What MicroSD card do you have ?

    dniezby, the original poster never said it was a Surface Pro 3, in fact, the fact that he has posted in Surface Pro rather than Surface Pro 3 forum, anyway, just insert your SD card, any of good quality, make folders, i.e., Music, Videos, Pictures, on SD card, then right click folder and in pop...
  6. J

    Newbie- Basic questions

    You are correct in that RT will only run "Apps" from the store, as far as POP mail is concerned Outlook free as part of Office on RT will run POP, the "Mail" app does not. You can make an USB recovery, many have done so and removed the recovery partition to gain space, I made my recovery but...
  7. J

    New owner of Surface Pro

    I had a Surface RT then got myself a first gen Surface Pro, I use my Surface Pro every day in place of my desktop, I do have a 23" monitor to connect to but don't use it often, I have got so used to the 10" screen, would love a Surface Pro 3 but being a pensioner I will need about two years to...
  8. J

    Just Curious: What are the users of the forum like in terms of technical know-how?

    I am 66 and look after six family computers, various tablet and readers for my family and I have a desktop running Windows 8, Surface Pro, Surface RT, have just got myself a iPad 4 with Retina screen, I have a iPod Touch and a Nano, my family think I am brill at computers, I am self taught over...
  9. J

    Playing 1080p MKV Files on Surface Pro quite a lag

    I use MediaMonkey on my Surface Pro with no lag.
  10. J

    USB 3.0 hub on sp3?

    I have a Inatek round USB3 4 port powered hub on my Surface Pro, works fine, Inateck 360-Degree Interface Mini Design Portable USB 3.0 4-Port Hub with 5V 4A Power Adapter and 3ft USB 3.0 Cable in
  11. J

    How do you do a Print Screen with a Type Cover?

    If you only want part of screen use the Snipping Tool, easy to use, place the screenshot in whatever folder you choose, and save as .png or .jpg or whatever. I have it pinned to task bar.
  12. J

    Hello from Texas

    scottysize, I am sure you will not regret buying a Surface Pro, I know I haven't and I have had computers since Windows 3.1 when the operating system came on a stack of floppy disks, I am the wrong side of 65yrs old and if I had the cash would be buying the Pro 3 too, but as I am now on my...
  13. J

    Hello from Texas

    I have both first gen Surface RT and Surface Pro, the Surface Pro is my daily machine, it replaced my desktop, I love using my Pro and my RT, though the RT is not used daily it is still in use, I would buy the Surface Pro 3 in a heartbeat, if I could afford it, alas I can't, so will continue...
  14. J

    Touch or Type cover

    Well from my experience I could not get the type cover to work, though it should according to MS, so I have a touch cover for my RT and a type cover for my Pro.
  15. J

    Surface Pro 3 - Why?

    Tried a powered hub, that might help, but that's a lot of stuff.
  16. J

    Kindle on RT

    If you wish to read .mobi books on Surface RT that come from another source try Book Bazzar Reader, very good for .mobi and other formats. Jim
  17. J

    Windows account and Xbox integration

    I had a wee Google of your problem, try it, it seems it is almost impossible to do, so good luck. Jim
  18. J

    Tablets I/O-Wise Are a Bit of a Con?

    I remember my son buying a Windows 95 PC with monitor and keyboard weeks after Windows 95 came out, don't remember exactly what size the monitor was but don't think it was 15", it all cost him about £1500, shortly after that he decided to up the ram, it was costing about £1.50 a meg, yes a meg...
  19. J

    New member from UK.

    Hi Bazzer, I too live in the UK, I had a Surface RT then bought Surface Pro original, I now have both and my Surface Pro has replaced my desktop, the Surface RT is when I am in bed as I don't keep good health, though on occasion the Surface Pro is brought through to my bedroom too, I have never...

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