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    10041 and display timeout

    My power settings are set correctly by my monitors keep turning off and the PC going to sleep on 10041. Are there any new settings somewhere?
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    10041 and display settings

    SP3 just updated to 10041 and now on my Dell external monitor, things are off of the top of the screen by maybe just a few pixels. My monitor doesn't appear to have settings to shrink horizontal or vertical or adjust the positioning. Anywhere in Windows to do this?
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    Build 9926 and rotation

    I'm on SP3 and Win10 9926 and can no longer find the monitor rotation option. Any ideas? I see "lock rotation of this display" but turning that on or off doesn't really do anything.
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    Solved Cannot recover surface from Win10

    I have a SP3 with the primary partition as Win10. Everything is actually fine but I have to repurpose the device for someone else. I originally tried doing the native "reset" which reset it fine, but reset to Win10 (I didn't realize that upgrading to the tech preview changed the stock recovery...
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    Unable to install Win10 updates

    I'm on build 9860 right now. When I try and install the new releases through the built in mechanism, I get one of two Windows Update errors: 0x8007003 and 0x80240016. I've tried using the fixit tools, reg cleaners, etc. to no avail. I download the 9879 update from here...
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    Can the MicroSD card slot be used for things like images, loading OS, etc.? I.e., if upgrading to Win10, can it be done if the OS is on an SD slot?
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    Weird discoloration

    So I had the new intel driver but rolled back to the stock one. Something is all off though and i dont know what it is. Screenshots render correctly, so I had to show camera images. This is not the color of the actual image, confirmed by looking at the picture on my other monitor. This is the...
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    Smart lid

    Where is the setting for what happens when you close a smart lid like the keyboard? Under power settings where it says when you close the lid the only options are shut down, do nothing or hibernate but shouldn't it be sleep?
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    Color calibration

    Can someone share their numbers from the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel for color settings? I can't seem to get mine just right.
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    Cannot figure out why screen turning off

    Ok - this is driving me nuts! I have a SP3 i5/256gb and don't know what I did last week but the screen is turning off after a minute, regardless of on power vs. battery. See screenshots here. My screensaver says "1 minute" but also "none". I just needed to have it require password on wakeup but...
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    Taking screenshots

    I use a screenshot app called greenshot which works great when I'm in "desktop mode" (docked, keyboard, mouse etc) but would like to enhance my screenshot experience when mobile using the pen. Currently I have to double tap the purple button which allows me to highlight a screen region, then it...
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    Bluetooth Settings for Audio

    So this one is a little nuanced. I know bluetooth native to Windows has never been great but this is driving me nuts. I have a bluetooth headset paired to my sp3 (jabra stealth - although I suspect many headsets will act the same) and everything seems fine with exception of the mute function...
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    WiFi Issues

    So I have connected standby turned off (for XTU reasons) and have all the latest updates. It seems that when I'm on battery (doesn't happen when plugged in) and the device sleeps, I lose WiFi when I wake it back up. Specifically, as soon as it comes back on, it says "Connected" but quickly...
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    Monitors and Dialog Boxes

    This is sort of a funky question. I don't think I've seen this behavior on any other PC setup with multiple monitors. My surface is my primary, and my monitor (HDMI) is the extension. Lets say I have Excel open on the extension and I hit CTRL + F, the dialog box for the find appears on the...
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    Monitors This article basically sums up all of the external monitor related issues with the sp3 but it seems to imply that some monitors work better with the scaling than others. Anyone know a 23" range...
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    Is there a way to set a bluetooth device to not auto connect on the SP3? I.e., I have a bluetooth headset paired to my computer and phone, but I don't want it to auto connect with my SP3, I just want to be able to do it on-demand.
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    device encryption

    I have device encryption turned on. If another user is signed into my device (guest or otherwise), is there any way for them to access files in my user profile?
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    i read that the only way to get ie11 touch mode is by setting it as your default browser. any way around this? i use chrome primarily but wouldnt mind ie touch mode when travelling and using the touch screen only
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    Battery bar run time

    Im off the charger at 84% and like 40% brightness and battery bar says I have 3hrs4min left. This sounds really low, no? I only have chrome open with 7 tabs.
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    Bluetooth energy

    If not being used, how much energy does Bluetooth consume just being on? Trying to figure out if worth it to turn it off regularly.

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