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    HowTo Enable Your Favourite Flash-Site in Metro IE10

    Ive been adding since October, and every month or so the list gets wiped. I can only assume its updates.
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    HowTo Enable Your Favourite Flash-Site in Metro IE10

    Annoyingly even if you uncheck the "update compatibility list" box, the compatibility file will be overwritten when you do a software update. Hence you have to go back and reenter all your flash site additions.
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    Orientation Issues

    Maybe, but this app didnt need it before today, and certainly doesnt benefit portrait. Infact its quite buggy, as the menu which would be at the bottom in landscape, now floats mid-page in portrait.
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    Orientation Issues

    I have an issue with the Battleships app, whereby it has started changing to portrait view when I load the app. I can't change it to landscape. It always used to work on landscape but no longer does. It only happens on that app and happens even if I have orientation lock on.
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    putting films onto my surface is abit of a chore, is there a computer lead?

    What do you mean you have to pay 8.99? Either you have the file or you don't. All files from DVD/Bluray or digital copy will come with DRM unless you use a DRM removal tool.
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    First Boot - Things to Do

    This whole "dont fold the cover back" thing is totally bemusing. It's quite an obvious requirement of a cover to fold onto the screen when device is off but flush/flat behind the screen when the device is in use as a tablet. It's quite absurd not to. Microsoft even tell you to do so on the...
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    Transferring files between PC and Surface?

    No experience? Seems odd that every other tablet in the market connects to a pc via a cable, but not the surface?!
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    Transferring files between PC and Surface?

    Is the USB drive only for USB sticks? I tried to use a USB cable to link my Surface to my laptop, so that I can transfer files directly rather than using WiFi, but there doesnt seem to be any recognition of the link. My Surface picks up my laptop/homegroup fine, and I can transfer files over...
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    [Tip] Taking A Screenshot

    Sounds more hassle than using the standard hand-swipe. Is this method for when you have been eating toast and have jam all over you hand?
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    [Solved] Bypass login password

    Furthermore if desired you can do away with having to enter your (usually long and complicated) MSN account password on logon, and instead assign a PIN.
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    Media Library Locations - Tip not working

    Try the route(s) described in the How-to guide in this site's Support-FAQ forum.
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    Two step google authentication

    I can't remember any issues with gmail. I just entered my address and password into the Mail app, and now gmail appears as well as my hotmail.
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    HowTo Enable Your Favourite Flash-Site in Metro IE10

    I've edited this file to activate a few websites my kids use. Works a treat.
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    Hi from London (UK)

    Hi all. Got my 64GB Surface on Thursday (8 Nov), but the MS online store here in the UK was sold out, so got it from ebay. Came brand new and sealed, so happy with circumventing stock limitations. There's no physical MS stores in the UK, so I couldnt see the surface before I bought, but happy...
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    Nixon Case for Surface

    Does look good. I've spent a while looking for a surface sleeve that has little handles and this seems to be the only one. Bit pricey mind!
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    Whats your preferred encoding settings for vids?

    Just starting out ripping my dvds to watch on the Surface. Bougth a DVD ripping tool, which has loads of settings, and there seems to be (an obvious) tradeoff between quality settings and size of file. I've got a 64GB surface, but thats not going to hold many movies. I'm using the iPad...
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    The Official "I've Got My Surface" Thread!

    Got my 64GB Surface a couple of days ago brand new from eBay. About 20quid discount from the MS Store price. Bit frustrating that the UK price is ludicrously more expensive than the US price. :( Spent so long learning the UI, and how to get it to do what I want it to. Still learning, but...