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    Use Surface while lying down?

    I fold the keyboard under, kickstand on keyboard with steepest angle, and head on a pillow all the time. Couch and bed. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Swipe to go back - slow re-loading webpage?

    It still isn't perfect for me, but ever since I put the MVPS hosts file on my machine I feel it's been a bit better. An added bonus is not having any ads. Give it a try. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Surface 2 Cover

    Mine is above.. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Surface 2 Cover

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with problems. Please let me know what Microsoft says about this. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Surface 2 Cover

    Honestly I do not care if you believe me and how I treat my devices or not. It would be impossible to prove, and all I have to fall back on is my post history here where I've tried to be as frank as possible. I could easily get a replacement device from Microsoft, but I'm not even worried...
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    Surface 2 Cover

    Yeah this chips easier than my other aluminum devices scratch. I have babied this thing the fact that I have 2 chips already stinks. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Upgraded to Surface2, but now websites showing up in "mobile" versions

    Which sites as an example? I will try them on my side as I have not had this problem.
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    Surface 2 Cover

    I too read in many places the coating was naked Vapor Mg, but this is indeed false. There is a coating, and there is a darker surface below. I can see it as well as feel it in the 2 places my rear coating has chipped. Sorry for the angled shot, but wanted to make sure I got a bit of the...
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    Surface 2 Cover

    I was hoping the new lighter coating might be better than the coating on my Pro 1, but unfortunately it still chips too. In fact i managed to chip it even faster and worse than what I experienced with my Pro 1. So be careful out there..... Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    32 GB version enough?

    Hey sorry I ticked you off. I really liked your contributions but now that you've resulted to name calling by saying I'm dense this will be the last time I'll knowingly converse with you as that's quite disrespectful. Regarding resale value I just pulled up the last 5 Surface RT's sold as...
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    32 GB version enough?

    And my point is that I can get exactly what you have for a lower rate and thus can afford to sell it as such. :) Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    32 GB version enough?

    1) I can afford 64GB easily, and 2) Microsoft's margins are still better in my pocket than theirs. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    A solution for my 4 hour battery life problem

    I wonder if there is a powershell cmdlet to disable all notifications and then re-enable? Short of having it be automatic, at least having a disable/enable script on the desktop would be nice in times you want to eek out more battery. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    32 GB version enough?

    I'm like you I have a NAS, 200GB Skydrive, and I have the technical understanding of how AppX products work so I can easily redirect things to flash if I ever want to. Paying a $100 fee for 32GB more of flash, which is a commodity, is a waste of money for someone with my skillset. Sent from...
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    Tides Starting to Change?

    Another article this time from Time: Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    I won a Surface 2!

    Unfortunately all 3 of these companies are against seamless when you get out of their profit centers. Grasping at straws here, but wondering if you could have all your iTunes music saved to SkyDrive (perhaps using symlinks?), have Google app read from that same folder, and point xBox music to...
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    Tides Starting to Change?

    Of course there will be an influx of new posters, convertors due to the new products. However it is interesting to me all the new users coming here with positive experiences so far and then I also saw this ZDnet article today: Surface 2: Thinking different about my device experience | ZDNet...
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    Any way to make the live tile update interval longer to save battery life?

    I wish the live tiles had an alternate open option top. I hate when a cool article preview shows up on Discourse love tile, but then I actually have to open the app and search for the article. A right click or multi touch feature on the live tile to open and navigate directly to what is...
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    Question for Surface 2 owners

    I have 2 magnets that arent very strong (fridge style). They will not stick for me at these 2 points, but they will lightly stick to the power plug recess. Sent from the app for Windows 8

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