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    New 128gb iPad released

    With the Microsoft Surface Pro just days away from being released, the 128gb Ipad is Apples attempt to control the tablet market as much as they can. The same can be said about the Ipad Mini and constant upgrades to their devices. They have done a good job in covering the market but the Surface...
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    Decided to wait for the Surface Pro 2

    "I'd prefer not to wait 6 months for the update" Well, I wouldn't hold your breath. If you think Microsoft is going to be putting out updates every 3 to 6 months like Apple, I doubt it. My guess is, it's going to be about a year before they update anything. I hope I'm wrong but with that being a...
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    This guy really irritates me

    That might actually work out for Apple. Most of these articles will probably say "Apple puts out a new tablet with 128Gb which puts the Surface Pro to shame". Why? Mostly because these people who write these articles just look at specs and only the ones they want. They should look at...
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    New 128gb iPad released

    Interestingly enough, my Surface RT came with 64Gb of memory and I can put another 64Gb (or use my USB for external usage) in the SD slot. With the Surface Pro coming out with 128Gb of memory, the only way for you to expand or upgrade your Ipad is to buy a new one. Now tell me which system is...
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    No 4G?? Can a 4G USB modem be used with it?

    In this respect, the Surface Pro is more like a laptop. Most laptops (as far as I know) don't come with 4G built in. This is a great first attempt at merging a laptop into a tablet. I can imagine Microsoft can eventually blow those other tablets out of the water as long as they keep putting out...
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    Surface Pro Available on Feb 9th.

    So basically, if you order your Surface Pro online on the 9th, at the earliest, you probably won't get it until the 16th. Maybe they will have an option for fast delivery but I doubt it. At the price point Microsoft has set for the Pro, do you think the stores will sell out on the 1st day?
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    And the Apple fan boys are already gathering ammo

    Come on you people, your being a little hard on those Ifans. Not everybody can deal with a real computer these days. Sometimes a little app is all you can handle. Just wait, Ipad 5 will be out soon and it will be faster and thinner. Ground but you can load the Angry Birds app. What...
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    Windows 8 Media Player

    Thanks Arctherus. I looked at the reviews and description of Link+ but it doesn't really tell you much. I realize it's only $5.00 but I just get this feeling I'm going to be disappointed. Obviously, the app of choice would be VLC (which doesn't exist on the Surface yet) but I'm just waiting for...
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    Windows 8 Media Player

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Windows 8 Media Player. It cost $4.49 and there's not 1 review on it. My guess it's a waste of time until VLC comes out. I just don't want to try the program and be disappointed. I need something that plays Avi, Mkv, Vob, etc, etc, etc. Thanks
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    slightly disappointed

    I got the 64gb and would have preferred the chiclet keyboard. I've had it since day one of the release and I'm much more comfortable with it now. But it basically comes down to typing on a chiclet keyboard is the best, the touch keyboard is much better than the touch screen. I've been tempted to...
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    BBC Review gets it completely wrong

    So basically all the reviews say the Surface sucks or there's something not quite right with it. Here is one of my responses to an article that was online: towering_shadow • 13 hours ago Oh and one big grip about the Ipad, I hate how it organizes music files and movies. The Surface has a...
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    What Does RT Stand For?

    Road Titan
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    Returned my Surface, immediately regretted it. Buying another.

    Bought the 64 Gig model from day 1. I don't care what all those negative articles say about it. Sometimes you can't believe everything these reviews say.
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    Should I buy Surface RT over Surface pro

    I have an Ipad 3 and the Surface RT. I stopped using the IPAD since buy the Surface. Once I transfer all the information off the IPAD, I'll use the Surface exclusively. I do carry around an Ipod 5 Gen (5 MP) for taking pictures because the camera on the Surface (1 MP) is really bad.
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    Surface Rear Windows Logo Wearing Off

    I think that Logo is suppose to wear off. It's kind of like Mission Impossible "this logo will disappear in 10 seconds!". da..da...dada...da..da

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