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    For those who have trouble with SSL VPN

    No problems using Cisco Anyconnect without Java or IE. Are you sure you have the latest version of the VPN client?
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    How to play two videos simultaneously using xbox video and Desktop

    I love stuff like this... it's not really useful, but it's the freedom of "because I can"
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    Surface Pro WiFi Latency

    Run the ICSI Netalyzer. This thing has helped me find many obscure issues with my network: ICSI Netalyzr
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    Surface pro screen brighness jumping around

    This is a known bug: Microsoft aware of Surface Pro brightness bug, is investigating the issue | WinBeta
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    Stylus for Surface Pro - Calibration

    I'm surprised the stylus doesn't self-calibrate. Considering that it's a touch screen, the Surface should be able to basically put two and two together, and adjust the cursor to match where it was poked on the screen.
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    Surface warranty

    I'm trying to figure out how to add my Complete warranty. I canceled the Surface Pro pre-order because I found it in a store, but the warranty was not canceled... anyone know if there is any way to link it to my current serial number instead of the canceled pre-order?
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    Surface Pro and Apple LED Cinema Display

    I plugged one of those into my Surface Pro. It recognized the second monitor, I could not get anything to display on it in any mode. At some point the Intel graphics driver crashes :/
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    Cool batterybar for sp

    Good find.. I just bought it too. Needs a metro app, hopefully he will do it
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    Fiddling with the magnetic power charger cord

    The worst part is that it scratches the paint easily. If you aren't carefully placing the magnetic plug into the slot and it slips across the side, it will cause a scratch

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