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    Heads up to Bitlocker users

    Poking around my security settings and just noticed that it seems Bitlocker was turned off by the upgrade to Win 10. Just a heads up to those who invoked Bitlocker in Win 8.1.
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    SP3 Ethernet Adapter frequently requires reset

    Yep - that did it for me....thanks
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    Ethernet Dropping

    I experienced the same thing and your solution worked for me...thanks for your post. Oddly, however, in an effort to isolate the problem I used a USB ethernet connection and my connection still dropped. So the Dock was not a suspect for me.
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    SP3 Ethernet Adapter frequently requires reset

    This is becoming annoying. Not sure whether my recent experience is related to Win10 but I didn't have this problem while on Win8. SP3 connects to a Uverse modem via MS Dock. Several times a day I lose my network connection and the SP3 automatically switches to wireless which allows me to...
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    Today - Hanging Win 10 Update on SP3

    I do not mind the auto-download of updates but I wish I could control the update installation process like I could on Win 8. Regardless, I needed to reboot and only then did I realize that an update was being installed. The message "do not turn off computer" was displayed for about 10 minutes...
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    How do you prepare for upgrade

    My thinking is to not upgrade my work machine for a while and kinda monitor others" experience. It also seems prudent to somehow perform a backup that enables me to restore as quickly as possible should something go south. So what are you doing to prepare, if anything?
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    Today's firmware update 6/23/2015
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    Firmware Update on 5/19/15

    Received a number of updates tonight...
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    Second System Firmware Update - 3/26/15

    Today I received and download of and installed a firmware update dated 3/26/15. I bring it up only because a firmware update with the same title, "System Firmware Update - 3/26/15" was sucessfully installed on 3/26/15. It was a non-event but am curious what this update included.
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    System Firmware Update 1/15/2015

    I tried downloading and pointing but this noob evidently didn't do it right. The download site above offered access to a number of different files. I guess I am uncertain which one to download and to which specific file or directory I should point the update to, to complete the update.
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    System Firmware Update 1/15/2015

    My driver hasn't changed either. My OS is 8.1...should I have received an update too?
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    Mini DisplayPort on new docking station doesn't work

    Well I have been happily using my full dock replacement for several weeks and it has behaved flawlessly.
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    Mini DisplayPort on new docking station doesn't work

    correct...they never brought it up.
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    Mini DisplayPort on new docking station doesn't work

    Update - I gently pushed back and Support is sending me a replacement dock...I am hopeful this will improve my experience.
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    Mini DisplayPort on new docking station doesn't work

    I too am experiencing intermittent display issues. My Indian tech support friend has asked me to do a Refresh which will then require the re-installation of dozens of programs...what a pia. As fate would have it, my desktop monitor is going in and out as I write this note.
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    In this forum, does the message appear when you hover

    I notice that when I hover my mouse pointer over a message in this forum the member's question appears when I use Firefox but it doesn't using come. Of course, delete my message if I have strayed too far from the Forum's purpose.
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    Bluetooth works fine but fails to startup w/ boot

    Bluetooth does not appear in PC Settings nor is the icon visible after boot. Once I enable bluetooth in device manager, bluetooth does appear in PC settings and is on. Additionally, the icon does appear in the notification tray after bluetooth is enabled in device manager...a little frustrating.
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    Bluetooth works fine but fails to startup w/ boot

    I am stumped. Every time I start my beloved sp3, I have to enable bluetooth within device manager. Is that normal? I want bluetooth to start automatically. BTW, I unchecked the turn off to save power attribute but that does not help. What am I missing? Thoughts???
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    Traveling from USA to UK w/ SP3

    I unsure of the correct terminology...having said that, presumably I will need an adapter to covert my US two prong plug to the style used in the UK. Will I also need a 220 to 110 converter too or does my standard power brick handle that task?

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