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    External monitors are a nightmare

    I think Windows was never designed to scale anything, let alone on two monitors with two scaling factors. MS had to work really to make it work (as opposed to Mac OS X or Android where it was kind of built it). And yes, anything below 2.0 is non-integer. There is a reason Apple always does...
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    SP2 email problem

    I have the same problem with the mail app. It doesn't receive e-mails fast enough. Like the e-mail is there on my Android phoneand it takes a good 15 minutes for it to show up in my app, unless I force a sync. And yes, my settings are set to push.
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    External monitors are a nightmare

    The others here have the right answer: use the slider. However, there is another big variable to take into account: which monitor is the main one when you boot up (or log in)? Here is why: Windows 8.1 is better at scaling and DPIs, but is still a little bit stupid. With the slider, Windows...
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    Will SP2 get the Windows 9 ??

    I'm sure it'll be compatible. Windows is usually quite good at that. Like right now, you can install Win 8 on a machine that is 5-6 years old without a problem (except sometimes some driver issues). So I fully expect to see Win 9 on my SP2. After that, I'm pretty sure it won't be free. They...
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    Type Cover Waking Device

    Yes I noticed this a couple of times. I decided that the touch cover was too likely to move while the surface was in my bag. So I totally disabled the wake/sleep options of the cover. Now, if I open or close the cover, nothing happens. I find it safer.
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    Surface Pro 2 Auto Sleep not working

    I had the exact same issue (auto wake-up fixed by the January firmware but auto-sleep still not working). For me (and a lot of Windows 8 users), the issue was HomeGroup. So try this: turn off wifi and see if the surface goes to sleep (just put the timer at like 1 minute). If yes, then turn on...

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