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    EA Excelsior C22 : Haswell i7 11.6" Surface Pro clone

    I'm going with a surface pro as soon as I sell my galaxy note 10.1. I'm going to get 1 of the covers to extend the battery life. This tablet looks OK but probably has poor battery life due to it being a i7 chip.
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    Thanks I may just buy the sp1 which I've seen for $600 lately & buy that power cover that goes with the new sp2.
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    That price is to steep for me. I plan on buying the sp1 or the Lenovo yoga 11s.
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    Surface Pro 2 - Who's Waiting for It?

    Kinda off topic for a second here guys but do any of you use your pro while it's charging? Does it continue to charge while it's being used? I'm looking to get a surface pro 2 but if the sp2 doesn't come with substantially more battery life then I'll get a surface pro. Thoughts?
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    Sony VAIO Tap 11 : Thinner Haswell Surface Pro

    Sony to launch VAIO Tap 11 later this month The price is IMO too much. I'll buy a surface pro or pro 2 before I pay that much.
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    Microsoft Holding Surface 2 Event on September 23rd in New York City

    Looking forward to this after playing with the pro @ worst buy today..cough ..I mean best buy :D. The pro is a beast & i just about jizzed my pants at how fast it was! Never thought a tablet could be that quick. If they don't hurry up & bring the pro 2 out I may pull the trigger on this baby!!
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    Does Anybody wants a REAL Surface RT / Windows RT Review ???

    I was going to buy a Surface RT but the ability not to be able to resize the windows during multitasking was a deal breaker for me. I bought the Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 & it's blown me away. Maybe I'll get a RT once they bring out the 2nd generation. :cool2:
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    Just got my Surface :D

    How is the wifi & does it lag any?
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    Post Screenshots Here!

    Thanks a lot.
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    public wifi

    Okay thanks.
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    public wifi

    Wow these sound the TF201 problems i had all over again. I think i will hold off on buying the surface until this is adressed. Is it the magnesium backing they used in building the device that's preventing it from connecting ???
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    Post Screenshots Here!

    Ok so is there no media player on the desktop like windows media player?
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    Post Screenshots Here!

    Ok this is definitely getting better. Now excuse me but I'm a newbie. What are the 4 windows you have open? Can you please do a screen shot with the video player as 1 of the windows. I'm getting a lot closer to making a decision. Thanks.
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    Post Screenshots Here!

    I can't see the background in your mult-tasking demo.
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    Surface vs.Galaxy note 10.1

    Thanks for the quick response. I played with a surface at bestbuy but i was baffled when i went to espn & it couldnt play the video on the main page but the Asus TF600t sitting right beside it played it with no problem...weird.
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    Surface vs.Galaxy note 10.1

    I have read 20 pages of info so far in this forum but none adress the issue i want to know about. The split screen action on the surface allows you to have 2 windows open at the same time but is there anyway to resize them as with the Note 10.1? The Note 10.1 actually gives you better screen...

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