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    No wireless connection from SP3 and Bravia possible ANYMORE

    Hi, last week ago I could connect my SP3 with my TV. Since today I noticed that it isnt possiple anymore. When I select to project there is no option anymore to select wheather I want to connect it with cable or without. Last week it was possible- when I selected to project then it showed me a...
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    Surface Pro 3 headphone problems with Youtube

    Hi, I found out, that when I'm watching videos on Youtube and when I want to continue the video with my headphone then Youtube or the video doens't switch automatically from the loudspeaker of my Surface Pro 3 to the headphones, unfortunately. The only solution is to reload the site or even...
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    Problems with Bluetooth mouse

    Hi there, I have a Surface Pro 3 (128Gb) with windows 8.1. I bought a bluetooth mouse and tried to connect it with my Surface. The connection works well, my Surface find the mouse and it tells me that it is connected with it. However mostly the mouse doesn't work although it says that it is...

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