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    Solved SP4 Still Active In Sleep

    Maybe the Hello service could run in the background without being activated...
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    Solved SP4 Still Active In Sleep

    I've read somewhere the culprit would be Windows Hello.
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    Great article on Wired today

    To sum up: - interesting bits about the creation process of the Surface book - the Surface mini was real... - there's certainly a surface phone project ( "A few machines away, another machine works on a prototype of a new phone") - Surface book is selling faster than Ms can make them. The...
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    Surface Book is a disappointment.

    OP is obviously not pumped.
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    iPad Pro vs SP4

    Annoter point is the iPadPro weight. Holding it will become quickly uneasy. It's the same for the SP3, except the kikstand allows to use as tablet on my legs or in the bed.
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    iPad Pro vs SP4

    And you can't charge both iPadPro and Pencil in the same time....
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    iPad Pro vs SP4

    The Keyboard IS just ugly First look: Apple's iPad Pro
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    iPad Pro 12.9" with separate keyboard and pencil (stylus) Who's getting one

    The iPadPro sales Will follow the same model the whole IPad Line is suffering: an initial rise then a steady décline. The IpadPro is just an IpadPlus. At First, Tablets were seen as PC replacements and they delivered larger screens than the tiny phones of the time; Today, phablets and large...
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    Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10 Likely Launching Together in October [Rumor]

    Asus will release new devices with W10 and Slylake Intel CPUs around September. So SP4 will maybe get them; 2 more hours of autonomy, fanless design with Core M or at least Core I5 and 7 with a very silent fan....
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    Probably Returning Surface 3

    Are you using the Onenote desktop version, incluses in Office 365? Or only the Onenote MUI one? The latter has no ribbon.
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    Yellow hazy vertical line on left side of screen

    I've just done an advanced exchange for the same reason. Placed my order Monday, got a new replacement device ( built during the15th week of 2015) by Wednesday. This new one is just perfect. Sent back my old one three days ago. Great MS service. Great device. First time since long one year...
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    Massive Battery Drain on Surface 3?

    A Google search on the device name suggests that it is related to "SB xHCI Compliant Host Controller" Do you have anything plugged in on the USB port ? A MicroSD Card?
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Next build release tomorrow according to Tom Warren. Oh, btw, I strongly and definitely prefer W10 to W8.
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    The Surface 3 waiting room

    Interesting article about the design of the Surface 33
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    Microsoft Annouces the Surface 3

    here the specs/ A t first glance, not a huge surprise, neither a great success
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 sales are maybe reaching new heights

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Sales Still ‘Incredible’ Despite Surface Pro 4 Close To Release date
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    In the same boat than RemiM. I even experienced less bugs than in the previous build; the dreadful YouTube ie crashdown has spared my SP3. Even with all its unfinished sides, the W10 GUI is imho much much better than the W8.1 schizophrenia between ModernUI and the classical desktop. I use more...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Beware Connected Standby enabled devices like Surface Pro 3 may experience shorter than expected battery life.

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