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    Best Custom power plan?

    So my son broke my trusty Surface pro, luckily I did the extend warranty plan so MS replaced it but not all my setting transferred over. I had a custom power plan that worked well but can;t find it. So what are the best options to change to get the most battery life? I've already adjust...
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    Hardware updates keep reapplying

    About every week or so the hardware update will reapply from windows update. Anyone else have this issue? It has been doing this about 6 months now
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    Best Handwriting to text app?

    I'm looking for a free and simple app that will convert handwriting to text as simply as possible. Tried onenote and evernote and not sure they will work for what I need. I just need a notepad looking app that I write in then hit a button and it is now text. So far I have not found anything that...

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