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    Can't change location of offline Maps to anything other than C:

    128GB microsd, formatted as NTFS. I can store apps, documents, etc. to the card - but can't change the offline storage for Maps to the card. Anyone know why?
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    Some Custom Tiles I made

    how do you apply these in Win 10 on the start menu? I have some IE shortcuts to websites I've put on my Start Menu, and haven't seen a way to change the icon.
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    sd card format

    I might also add, adding 2 partitions (one exFAT, and one NTFS), so you can make FileHistory backups on the one, and use the other doesn't work. Apparently, only the first partition is "seen" on the SP4 - no matter what the formatting.
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    Anyone tried Linux on SP4 yet?

    Yup - no breaking in there...
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    Anyone tried Linux on SP4 yet?

    I'll check - but that is pretty dated (geez! Nearly a year old... :) ). Most say to use kernel 4.0+, etc. now, since virtually all SP3 hardware is now supported.
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    Anyone tried Linux on SP4 yet?

    Just curious if anyone has tried Linux on SP4, what success you had, distro used, etc. I've attempted "off-the-shelf" Ubuntu 15.10 - it booted to a black screen, finally got the screen, but no mousepad, typecover. Didn't try to hook up a USB keyboard/mouse yet. Got out of the black screen...
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    BSOD when updated Windows 10.

    Not the typical BSOD - but I had a Black SOD. I had some weird issue with that update. Hold down power button for a full 30 seconds to do a restart. Then turn it on again. I had to do that twice. First time I had to start downloading the update again, etc. Second time, it was evidently in...
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    Solved SP4 File History to Micro SD card

    Well - fun? Depends. I dislike searching for quite a while to find a "workaround". Or - let's call them "options". OSX? It's unix under the hood - have at it. Not much you can't do at the command line level. I love options - however, when the thing is - by default - supposed to work...
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    Solved SP4 File History to Micro SD card

    Well - that's not really using the drive is it? That's using a share, a network folder - not "finding" the drive to create the folder, etc. I don't want that - as I said, I wanted to use drive itself, without "workarounds". And yes, I'm aware the network folder is supported - I don't want that.
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    Solved SP4 File History to Micro SD card

    Thanks for the info - but I'm looking for a "fix" - if you will - not work-arounds. I left MS back in the XP days, and when they were forcing Vista on everyone, and went to Mac. So I've been out of the Windows world a while... I was able to solve it last night. To use File History, the drive...
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    Solved SP4 File History to Micro SD card

    Followed your instructions - didn't do a thing.... Still can't select that drive for File History
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    SP4 - what case/cover/sleeve/??? are you using

    I'm trying to find something decent that works well for the SP4, and I'm curious what you're using - AND WHY. Please don't say "I've got an XYZ brand blah-de-blah" without saying WHY you like it, what you don't like, etc. I'm looking for those who have already ventured out and gotten...
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    To those upgrading from SP3 --> SP4, what will you do with your old one?

    Just PM me, I'll give you an address, and you can send it to me... :)
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    Solved Some start menu icons are blank tiles

    Nothing I could find or do short of uninstalling/reinstalling worked. Click on tile - program would run, but nothing.
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    Solved Some start menu icons are blank tiles

    Yeah, but do a google or bing search "Windows 10 start menu blank tile". You'll see a lot crop up, and many of these are back from Windows 7/8. A few for Windows 10. And CCleaner is one of those "not sure" apps. Yes, it works, but there's also been issues from time-to-time with it and...
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    Solved Some start menu icons are blank tiles

    After the last update on 11/2, I now have 2 MS installed apps that now have blank tiles, instead of an image/icon in them. Pin/unpin them to the start menu - still the same. When running, or if I pin them to taskbar - they have icons. Since they are the default MS apps (maps and calculator)...
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    Solved SP4 File History to Micro SD card

    108 views and no replies?
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    Solved SP4 File History to Micro SD card

    My SP4 won't "see" or allow the Micro SD card to be added as a drive for File History. Yet, I've successfully used this card on two of the cheapie Win8 tablets (upgraded to Win10), and File History worked fine on both of them. I've reformatted the card to NTFS on the SP4, so left-over crud...

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