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    Surface Pro 2 - Cant install Win 10 Anniversary update

    Hiya, Anyone had an issue installing the anniversary update on the SP2? I get a "we couldn't install windows 10 - 0xC1900101 - 0x20017 - Failed in SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation" message Anyone else? Thanks!
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    Surface pro 3 will have an i5-4300U processor, should I wait for the i7?

    Very pleased to hear the i7 may have a better video processor... may justify the purchase for me! Got it on preorder at 512gb but will be anxious to see some more concrete info before I decide if I should go through!
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    More Bad News on the Surface "PowerCover"

    The dock has still not materialised and is no longer listed on the UK store, very frustrating!
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    New firmware January 14th?

    Good to hear a new firmware may be imminent, hope it adds back the ability to change what the up volume + win key does as that seems to have disappeared in the swithc to windows 8.1? I also find quite often the touch cover 2 mouse pad doesnt work and i have to disconnect and reconnect the...
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    Just so people know the new dual shock 4 from the PlayStation 4 works like a dream on surface, connects via Bluetooth (so no wires or receivers) and then with a little bit of software running in the background it runs like a xbox 360 controller!
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    Dec 15th? Maybe not.

    Yes mine too, after having a massive go at them for delaying my despatch date I got home to find it had been delivered, felt a little silly!!!!
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    pc games not compatible or mess up

    Well it'll be driver issues. I have updated to the latest intel 4400 driver and haven't had too many problems, had lots of games incompatible with my SP1 though, some games are just too advanced for the hardware. The ones I've played ok are brothers, dragon age 2, system shock 2, Risen, XCOM...
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    New covers - Brightness??!!

    Check out the video at the bottom! My main tip is when sliding with two fingers keep them at least one finger apart and press harder than if you were typing, it takes some practice! Surface Touch Cover 2: Thinner and Sensitive Under Pressure
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    New covers - Brightness??!!

    the ones on the track pad are awesome, sliding in at the sides works great as it centres the mouse on that area automatically. The other gestures I'm still getting my head around but they are all two fingers I think
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    New covers - Brightness??!!

    But with the gestures they have made a big thing of, if typing, being able to do a lot from the keyboard, lifting off to go to the volume o the screen is against that. Steve Biachi (or whatever his name is!!!) certainly said that in a gesture demo I saw on youtube
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    SP2 Screen Flicker

    Perfect. thanks for the tip, had this on sp one too!!!
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    New covers - Brightness??!!

    Ah!! ha that is little odd, surely not as important as volume? Maybe MS will add a new shortcut for they eg fn+ -/+
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    New covers - Brightness??!!

    Firstly let me say how vastly better touch cover 2 is for typing, so much more accurate and the touchpad/material is a big improvement too. BUT (EDIT) now needs volume shortcut keys Fn+: Up: Page Up Down: Page Down Left: Home Right: End Space: PrtScrn (only way to do a focused app shot using a...
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    WiFi chip on the SP2?

    None of those fixed it, neither did disabling selective suspend of power down in the device manager network adaptor settings, hmm!!! The search continues!
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    200G Skydrive?

    Loving my 200gb of skydrive a bit too much... fear I will end up having to pay for it at the end of the first year as I may not be able to shrink my files back to 7gb!!!
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    WiFi chip on the SP2?

    Thanks for the drivers but this didn't fix it from disconnecting. My problem is exactly the same as this guys: wifi keep disconnect, troubleshoot: default gateway is not - Microsoft Community So i'll try those fixes and report back!
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    SD Card/Libraries trick not working on SP2

    Ah ha, in fact that trick seemingly breaks that as that option isnt there with it mounted to C:\, but putting it back to a normal SD card drive letter does indeed then give me that option. Thanks very much mitchellvii!
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    SD Card/Libraries trick not working on SP2

    By default windows wont let you add removable media as a library location, however a work around allowed me to do so on my SP1: - disk management - change drive letter - Remove - change drive letter - Add - mount in the following empty NTFS folder - C:\SD Card And viola, could add SD...
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    Wifi problems on SP2?

    SP2 256gb connected to my Wifi at work keeps losing connection, the wifi sign will still say connected but I cant get internet. I have to turn wifi off and on again and that fixes it... for a while. I had the same issue on my Surface Pro 1 when I installed Windows 8.1 preview so maybe its a 8.1...

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