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    My Favorite Applications

    One of my favorites: LocalMovieDB Awesome way to catalog your movies. Can now play them as well if you've ripped them.
  2. K

    Windows 8 Phones Impressions: Who here has one?

    Still waiting on my two Lumia 920 phones I ordered for myself and girl. They are apparently backordered...
  3. K

    Skydrive on Surface

    Hi smalltowngirl13! Thanks for the welcome!
  4. K

    Skydrive on Surface

    Hi everyone. Thanks for all your thoughts. Hopefully Microsoft will see this and include a Skydrive option as an update? Here' wishing!
  5. K

    Skydrive on Surface

    Hi everyone! New to the site. Was wondering, Is Microsoft going to send out a Skydrive Desktop app anytime soon? Would like to have the same functionality as on my laptop where you can sync files chosen from Explorer to Skydrive - and hopefully keep them constantly in sync. Would love to...

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