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  1. BearFlag

    Why no detailed reviews on SB2?

    The same thing happened with the iPhone X. They only gave reviewers take home units to review only a few days before the actual release, so I'd expect full reviews to come out in the next few days.
  2. BearFlag

    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    I went ahead and ordered the new Spectre X360 15". It was on sale for $1399 (4K display, 16 GB ram, 512 GB SSD, 8th gen i7 quad core processor) when I bought it. With regards to the Yoga 720, MobileTechReview did a comparison video between the Yoga 720 and the early 2017 Spectre X360 and not...
  3. BearFlag

    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    Upgrade? No. In fact I'm going to jump ship from the SB line. I bought the i5 256GB dGPU SB in Dec 2015 for around $1800. I've been generally pleased with it (especially typing experience and 3:2 aspect ratio. However, while I do flip my SB around and use it in Stand Mode, I hardly ever...
  4. BearFlag

    Microsoft Announces the Surface Book 2 - 13" and 15" versions

    My thought is the same. In order to get a new processor (8th gen) you have to pay at least $2000. It's just not worth it to me.
  5. BearFlag

    3:2 alternatives to the Surface Book

    I like my Surface Book because of the 3:2 aspect ratio screen and the fact that I can flip the screen around and use it in Stand mode. I hardly ever use it as a tablet though. Therefore I feel like I'm paying a premium for a feature (separate tablet) that I don't use. Does anyone know of a...
  6. BearFlag

    Will there be a Surface Book 2

    I wouldn't mind that actually. I completely fine with a yoga form factor. I just like the SB because because of it's 3:2 aspect ratio. Otherwise I would get something like the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro.
  7. BearFlag

    No Surface Book 2?

    How come the Surface Pro 4 got a processor update but not the Surface Book? They came out at the same time. I wasn't expecting a Surface Book 2 but if your going to update the SP4 then you should update the processors on your other products that are just as old.
  8. BearFlag

    No Surface Book 2?

    That's only cause of the high price. The Surface Book can be used as laptop just fine and has some cool added features (removal tablet, pen input, etc.) If it was priced lower it would appeal to a lot more people. The Surface Laptop with Windows 10S is limited. Granted someone can upgrade...
  9. BearFlag

    No Surface Book 2?

    While I was not expecting a Surface Book 2 to be announced at this event I really hope it comes out this year. I think the Surface Book needs a refresh this fall with a more powerful processor and USB Type C. BTW - I was not that impressed with the Surface Laptop that was announced either as...
  10. BearFlag

    Surface Book 2 - Predictions?

    Thinner bezels would be great. That seems to be trend in laptops lately.
  11. BearFlag

    putting sticker on the back of SB

    Ok thanks. I'll get a vinyl sticker.
  12. BearFlag

    putting sticker on the back of SB

    This might be a silly question but if I put a sticker on the back of my Surface book (like a sports team logo, etc.) is it hard to get it off once I want to sell my device down the road? Has anyone had any issues pealing away a sticker that's been on their Surface Book for a while? Please...
  13. BearFlag

    longer adapter cable for Surface Book

    Exactly I'm hoping for some aftermarket adapters that have a longer cord for the magnetic connector.
  14. BearFlag

    longer adapter cable for Surface Book

    How did you make it longer? The cable that goes from the adapter to the laptop is fixed onto the adapter.
  15. BearFlag

    longer adapter cable for Surface Book

    Does anyone know of any after market power adapters for the SB, which have a longer cable from the adapter to the SB? I know there are ones with longer cords from the outlet to the adapter but I can't seem to find any with a longer cable from the adapter to the Surface Book. I found this one...
  16. BearFlag

    Is the rumor of SB2 and SP5 real?

    This is my biggest concern. The original surface book with 256GB and dGPU is priced under $1900 (i5 version). The i7 version with performance base is priced $2400. The SB 2 next year will definitely have a better processor and graphic card than the original surface book. Therefire given...
  17. BearFlag

    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    Does this version have quad-core processors?
  18. BearFlag

    MS and Apple events made me appreciate my original SB more

    I bought my Surface Book last year and am generally happy with (although it did have issues initially). I thought that either the Apple or MS Event would make me envious of potential new products released. However it had the opposite impact, and made me appreciate my SB more. With the MS...
  19. BearFlag

    Checked out a demo model of SB with Performance Base today

    If they just wanted to update the base, I don't see why they couldn't add a USB-C port to make it more future proof. I personally don't care as I bought the original version last year (and happy with my purchase), but I'm just saying if a new customer is going to shell out $2400 for this...
  20. BearFlag

    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    Wow, it's $500 more expense than the dGPU version I bought last year and they didn't update the processor. I'll pass.

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