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  1. EDRo

    Amazon Echo Officially Unveiled - Could it be Serious Competition for Cortana?

    They kinda have it already.. on the Microsoft Band right? It's Cortana enabled I hear..
  2. EDRo

    Our Surface 2's future?

    So, I noticed the Surface 2 section of the forums here has been kind of dead for one thing.. But more importantly, I've been wondering what's going to happen to our fantastic RT device when Windows 10 rolls out. Will we get it? And what's going to happen to RT itself? Are we EOL'd? How long can...
  3. EDRo

    Question about plastic bezel/ camera housing

    Mine is solid as can be. No creaks or any signs of flexing in the bezel at all.
  4. EDRo

    Hi from Savannah!

    I have the Surface 2 as well... LOVE Windows RT!
  5. EDRo

    Microsoft Surface Music Kit (Music Blade and app)

    I'd really love to see FL Studio Groove support the MS Music blade as a controller. Their last update added support for MIDI controllers. Of course the Blade couldn't function as a musical keyboard controller, but some sort of input device.
  6. EDRo

    Graphic backgrounds? Add your own?

    Well, it's too bad that won't run on RT for one as it's an x86 application, and two, it's a good thing it wont run, as apparently it's loaded with malware according to the comments on that page. So the concept of RT's "walled garden" protects us from that one! :) Thanks, I knew they were in a...
  7. EDRo

    New to Surface - Start question.

    Fixed that for ya there...
  8. EDRo

    Original RT Broken - What to Do Next

    Surface 2! Mine has been nothing short of fabulous! At home, I hardly ever get on the desktop gaming PC (unless I'm gaming) or the laptop with full 8.1.. I can do everything from the Surface 2! Remote Desktop is awesome on it... Love RT!
  9. EDRo

    Graphic backgrounds? Add your own?

    Nobody else though, eh?
  10. EDRo

    Graphic backgrounds? Add your own?

    I'd love to find some of these as well.. and possibly learn how to make them too! I like the "gear" one, and the "city" with the little windows in the buildings that light up here and there...
  11. EDRo

    Graphic backgrounds? Add your own?

    He's talking about the animated Start screen backgrounds (the ones that move when you scroll the Start screen) rather than the wallpaper.
  12. EDRo

    Surface Pro 3 Trade-in Program?

    I think the SP3 is pretty cool with the larger display, but what's really cool is how thin and light it is.. it's a nice looking device, but I don't need one. I'm perfectly content with my Surface 2 (RT). Along with my i7 gaming desktop, my AMD dual core Win8.1 lappy, and my Lumia 1020, I have...
  13. EDRo

    Changes since 8.1 on Surface 2

    Ah, well I'm glad someone else noticed this as well.. no biggie...
  14. EDRo

    HowTo Using your Surface with multi-monitor setup (HDMI, DVI, VGA)

    Hey guys, I purchased an inexpensive micro HDMI (D) to regular HDMI (A) cable to connect my Surface 2 to my TV. Of course I had to trim the plastic on the micro end to compensate for the Surface 2's beveled edge. I've successfully set it up with the video no problem, but I'm not getting any...
  15. EDRo

    Changes since 8.1 on Surface 2

    Ah ok. Thanks.. So I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too? (have store apps on my taskbar AND exit to the Start Screen after closing apps)? Edit: wait... I just did that and STILL have store apps on my taskbar. Hmmm
  16. EDRo

    Changes since 8.1 on Surface 2

    With the Windows 8.1 update came a few changes, mostly to help non-touch desktop users with keyboard and mouse setups. Most of these changes we didn't need on the Surface (and other Windows 8 tablets), fortunately, none of the new features get in the way of our touch gestures etc. Here's one...
  17. EDRo

    Photoshop for Free on Surface 2 (Sort of!)

    You can always run the full desktop version of Photoshop on a PC... and control it through your Surface 2 (RT) via Remote Desktop! I do it all the time!
  18. EDRo

    Disapointed with Surface video streaming

    Same here... PLEX is awesome! I have two servers up and running now. One on my laptop and one on my desktop PC. Nothing like having hundreds of 1080p movies ready to play on the Surface 2. I have the PLEX client apps on both my Surface 2 and my Lumia 1020.
  19. EDRo

    Horrible Customer Service for Surface

    Wow... and that's why I've only ever used pre-paid credit cards for online purchases and stuff like this. I had a bit of trouble cancelling my "One month FREE Xbox music pass" with MS Billing here.
  20. EDRo

    Microsoft Surface Music Kit (Music Blade and app)

    It does a lot more than just triggering loops. Every time I sit down with it, I discover something new! I for one, would like to see 3rd party developers create an app that utilizes the existing hardware (the music Blade itself) to become a controller for MIDI/VST instruments, or even be able to...

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