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    Who's getting one?

    I'll consider an SP4 only if it outperforms my SP2 under sustained usage (better not be fanless). And even then, I will probably wait several months for the bugs to be worked out...
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    Core I5 or Core I7 SP3?

    There are several factors, the most prevalent being usage scenarios. Also, some processors just run hotter than others due to variances in the manufacturing process. Finally, the thermal paste could be poorly applied causing inferior heat dissipation.
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    Surface Pro 3 bend, intentional or defect?

    You should return it for a refund and repurchase. If you go through the warranty system, you will get a refurbished unit.
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    Solved New Surface Pro 3 Won't Charge

    There really is no point in experimenting with it. Even if it does take a charge, would you really trust it. Take it (and the extra charger) back for a REFUND and purchase the SP3 again. This will give you another full 14 days to fully test the new SP3. And enjoy the free spare charger from...
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    Poll Returned SP3: received new or refurb unit?

    Do you mean that "cellophane-like" sleeve? Don't be fooled, I had one refurb come with that and I initially thought that I may have gotten a new unit - until I actually removed it and it was scratched to hell. If it has minor damage it is likely due to the previous user. Yes. If it is not in...
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    Surface Pro 3 fullscreen games in lower resolusion issue

    In full screen mode, the resolution should automatically change without needing to manually change the desktop resolution via the graphics control panel. Civ 5 - DX9 Civ 5 - DX11 The DX11 behaviour is incorrect and due to a driver issue.
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    Surface Pro 3 fullscreen games in lower resolusion issue

    I am not talking about differences in aspect ratios. It is a DX11 issue. Try a game that lets you choose between a DX9 renderer and a DX11 renderer. The DX9 renderer will scale whereas the DX11 one won't. This has been discussed here before. Also, a discussion on Intel's forums.
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    Surface Pro 3 fullscreen games in lower resolusion issue

    I am referring to the fact that DX11 games will not automatically scale to use the full screen when a resolution lower than the desktop resolution is selected.
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    Surface Pro 3 fullscreen games in lower resolusion issue

    This is a known problem with DX11 and the Intel drivers.
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    Well, this is enought, no more Surfaces for me.

    I'll concede that point, although the reviews reflect my personal experience with MS refurbished units.
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    Well, this is enought, no more Surfaces for me.

    Don't count on it. I had more problems with the SP2 than the SP1. My SP1 is still going strong, but I still don't have a fully functional SP2 (after over a year). I did decide to stop pursuing a satisfactory replacement after a string of really horrible refurbs. If figure that I may try my...
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    Christmas failure(s)

    Which will be a refurbished unit, and Microsoft's standards for refurbished units is rather low. At least there is a chance of getting a new unit from a Microsoft store. It's actually only a "hold", but they take their sweet time removing the hold.
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    Dropped my baby in water

    Microsoft's own support tactics are less than honourable and my suggestion would be a small step in balancing the karmic scales. There is nothing to be gained by taking the so called "high road".
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    How to overcome the lack of DVD reader in your Surface Pro 3

    You may need to use virtual drive software such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%.
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    SP3 DVD Redux

    Holy paranoia Batman! You are more likely to see the other side of the bars as a result of going a few miles over the speed limit in the presence of a disgruntled friend or family member. Seriously, you will never be fined much less imprisoned for making personal copies of movies that you...
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    SP3 DVD Redux

    While I understand the illegalities, I find things easier and more enjoyable to just ignore such nonsense. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with ripping your own movies for private use, and you will not get in trouble for doing so. Personally, I prefer to eliminate the middleman and get my...
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    Question for those who have taken advantage of the advanced exchange.

    I have had the worst luck with MS refurbs. If the refurb unit was originally returned for some non-issue, then it is probably fine - but if it required repair, there is a good chance it will have issues. Also, MS does not seem to address cosmetic issues in their refurbished units. The store...
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    Question for those who have taken advantage of the advanced exchange.

    You will get a refurbished unit with the advanced exchange.
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    SP3 DVD Redux

    Actually, in the US, the DCMA criminalizes circumvention of copy protection technologies (and there is no fair use exception). Virtually all commercial media is encrypted thus requiring software to decrypt the disc (e.g circumvent the copy protection) in order to rip the movie. I find it...
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    Regarding I7 Model - Noise/Throttling

    The real question you should be asking is does the i7 provide any real advantage over the i5. While firmware updates have helped eliminate the thermal shutdown issues, the thermal design of the SP3 seriously limits the performance of the i7. Once the throttling kicks in, the performance is no...

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