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    In need of a US-EN 8.0 recovery image

    And I'm very happy for the help Russ. It runs like a dream again
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    What does MS still need to fix in Windows 8.1?

    That's a rather strong statement. Just because it doesn't impact your usage it's not the same thing as it won't effect someone else. If the customer after a case studie can show that they will loose about $400 a year due to lost production, increased helpdesk and training costs. It's not...
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    What does MS still need to fix in Windows 8.1?

    I didn't mean to start a flame war either. For me it's just a fact when 100% of our customers says the same thing. They would love to buy a start-menu app if it was guaranteed to work with future updates and SP:s from MS the day the are released. Ie it would have to be MS making that App...
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    What does MS still need to fix in Windows 8.1?

    1. the start-menu. Not that I need it in person but my Customers has so far told me that they won't touch W8 without it (and there have been a bunch of them.) Some of them have even canceled their SA agreements since they don't see anything new they are willing to use from MS. 2. Revert the...
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    Windows RT to Windows 8

    old Thread but 8.1 Do introduce support for third party VPN. In 8.0 you will have to use a MS vpn server in the other end (I haven't seen anything else working on 8.0)
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    Does Anyone Really Care About the Start Menu?

    Does anyone really care about the start-Menu: Yes. I do work in the consulting/deployment field and the feedback from our Customers are 100% clear. Put the start-menu back or we won't upgrade. If it would have been one customer, that would have been one thing but when the number of customers...
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    Pro Users pay for everything

    I got one of each and I use the RT as tablet doing lighter stuff. The pro is a small laptop in my eyes. I actually got the RT plus touch keyboard bundle plus a "naked" pro and I must say that i use the touch cover a lot more on the pro. Putting it basic I consume information on the RT and i...
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    Surface Pro puts a smile on my face

    The pro with a type cover and you got something that beats most ultrabooks while still being a tablet when you need one. and yes how do you run a vm on a Ipad?
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    50 Surface Pro's | Roll-out how? | few general question

    For SCCM you will have to be att 2012 to be able to handle Win8 as target OS. If you doesn't have a deployment infrastructure take a look at MDT.
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    In need of a US-EN 8.0 recovery image

    Russ: you got a message.
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    In need of a US-EN 8.0 recovery image

    I actually booted winPE/re and replaced them from there to make sure that they really got replaced on disk.
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    In need of a US-EN 8.0 recovery image

    I would most grateful if you could do that since I still have the problem.
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    In need of a US-EN 8.0 recovery image

    Thanks for the attempt :) Didn't help though. Still no network :(
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    In need of a US-EN 8.0 recovery image

    Yes, it reinstalls 8.1 (MS earlier said that they wouldn't upgrade the recovery partition but they changed that) Reinstalling 8.1 doesn't fix the problem. Tried at least four times. Since The W7 box I'm typing this on is running om the same wireless network that the RT no longer can connect...
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    In need of a US-EN 8.0 recovery image

    I tried 8.1 Preview on my RT without sucess no network is one of the issues - the pro still on 8.0 can connect and so could the RT on 8.0 so its not the net but something in 8.1 that creates the problem. therefore I'm looking for a 8.0 EN-US to recover the device. I did make one myself...
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    Surface RT 8.1 Preview

    It didn't work that well on my RT so i will be going back to 8.0 if I can find a EN-US 8.0 image. If bitlocker isn't enabled it's no problem to revert if you got the image IE11:s new open in new tab handeling is a lot worse than IE10 in my eyes

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