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    Latest Surface Pro i5 vs Surface pro 3 i7

    thermal shutdown, otherwise a solid device
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    Latest Surface Pro i5 vs Surface pro 3 i7

    What is the warranty status of your device? I just managed to get my Pro 3 i7 upgraded to the Pro 2017 i7 at the Microsoft store... straight exchange because I have the complete warranty.
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    Is this amount of battery wear a lot for just 12 cycles?

    Don't worry, they would gladly offer you $400 or so for the device to use toward a newer device lol... That's what I was quoted when inquiring about replacing/upgrading my Performance Base i7 16GB to a Book 2, ugh, no thanks! Glad I opted for the complete warranty so I have an extra year to...
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    SP4 bulging screen, overheating battery

    Update: Today I took the replacement device Microsoft sent me (the one with the crappy screen replacement) and they upgraded it to a Pro 2017/ Pro 5! Verdict is still out on whether or not the device is any good but I'm pleased that I have been able to upgrade my Pro 3 to a Pro 4 to a Pro 5...
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    SP4 bulging screen, overheating battery

    I find this post interesting. I too experienced a difficult replacement (also an extended warranty customer) beginning Aug 11. I learned MS no longer had SP3's to replace my faulty i7 unit and I would likely receive an SP4 as a replacement... cool. My local store cannot help because they have no...
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    Have finally entered the 8gb camp lol without even meaning to.

    I was similarly surprised by a recent exchange of my i7 SP3 to an i7 SP4! Go MS!
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    Worst battery powered device ever, my SP3...

    according to my battery report I only 3.11 hours on avg. I typically use a second primary monitor too.
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    Surface Pro 3 Battery Fix has been released in today's Firmware Update

    Mine failed too, lately most of the updates are failing for me. Stupid SP3 wants to perform restarts daily for the past month
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    Complete for the 4

    Was the Essential bundle a good deal? If I recall when I purchased it for my SP3 it included the TypeCover, zippered sleeve, Office, and MS complete for $250. I couldn't pass it up at the time. Since I already get office through my university I was able to mail that back to Microsoft for $75 or...
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    Are there trade in programs for SP4

    If you have MS Complete you should be able to get full purchase price credit of your current device toward the SP4. When I upgraded from SP1 128GB to SP3 i7 I was given the $899 purchase price (less student discount) toward the new device. I don't have much reason to upgrade to the SP4 right...
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    with a constantly blaring fan and worse touch controls, is windows 10 a loser for the SP3?

    If I had come accross this thread yesterday I would have said confidently YES SP3 + retail W10 is a loser, after exchanging my device twice my opinion has changed. As a long time W10 insider I can say that the retail release was a disaster on my machine (SP3 i7). When the most recent update...
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    Solved Do SP3's with factory Windows 10 have a Windows 10 or a Windows 8.1 stamp under the kickstand?

    I just replaced (in store) my SP3 i7 for the 7th time in 12 months today after receiving another faulty replacement under the advanced exchange program. I received an SP3 that had W10 pre-installed and can confirm that the print under the kickstand does NOT say windows 8.1 pro... instead the...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Does anyone else have issues with the camera on their SP3? I rarely use it but I am getting a "Something went wrong" message with error 0x000003EC
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I guess I am one of the lucky ones, for now haha. Cortana is buggin out :( She will respond to "Hey Cortana" but she does not listen (or hear) anything I say so the error chime rings and she says "try again in a little bit" Not sure if anyone else noticed this but I use firefox regularly...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Is anyone else missing the start menu? Since I went to 10074 my windows button on the screen does not work and selecting the logo on the taskbar doesnt work either, with mouse, trackpad, or touch. I tried searching but came up with no results.
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Has anyone been able to use an external monitor after going to Windows 10? When I attempt to view video there is no audio and the video is in slow motion, all choppy too. .The same thing occurs when I use my PTV3000 or mini display to hdmi adapter
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    Did i get a new or refurb SP3

    I recently went thru an advanced exchange for my i7 SP3. I did indeed receive a refurb as was evident from the imperfect paint on the chassis. I simply purchased another new SP3 from the MS store and returned the refurb haha! Strange thing was that the refurb had a serial # beginning with...
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    System Hardware Update 1/27/2015

    I also get the 1/27/2015 hardware update to install successfully but it comes back on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day... as did the 1/22/2015 hardware up date. The Intel update for the HD5000 continues to fail though. I've even experienced issues when the system restarts after...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I'd gladly take it off your hands :) As a college student I use it daily... there are still a few old school professors that don't allow any electronic devices which is a bummer

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