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    Surface Display Dock Monitor Resolution Issues

    My boss used to use an iPad for on the go responding to emails and surfing the web etc. We ran into difficulty with the iPad because of the way it handles mail attachments, and using apps to FTP into the network and browse files and open them on the go. I suggested to him that he looks at...
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    Desktop Icons - External Monitor + Blurry Screen

    Just using it configured as a External Monitor only. I've actually swapped the monitor today, and using a different one to see if it makes any difference. I have my doubts, but who knows.
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    Desktop Icons - External Monitor + Blurry Screen

    Hello, Our MD has gone out and purchased a Surface Pro, and has problems when it is re-connected to the dock intermittently. When it is re-connected - the icons seem to jump all over the screen (scattered) and he is getting sick and tired of re-aligning them all the time. Is there anyway to...

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