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    Stop JAVA Update Offers

    I use Windows 10 on Surface and Edge Do I need JAVE? If not, how do I stop the constant undate offers? Is this a good idea?
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    Poll More Pen options?

    Iwould like to see more flexibility with the current pen. Change the double ckick to perform a different function if you are not usin g one note for example
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    Solved Change Default Size on Web Pages

    You are a Sharp User CTRL+0 worked Thank you thank you amazing that this command did not pop up in my searches. Probably my search criteria
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    Solved Change Default Size on Web Pages

    I am using Edge as web browser. I have checked the settings but cannot find anything to adjust screen size
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    Solved Change Default Size on Web Pages

    This is a very frustrating and time consuming problem. My Surface 4 Pro was working fine. Web pages were loading correctly sized. Several weeks ago this all changed. Now every web page loads much smaller (page size and fonts) so I have to enlarge every page with the finger thumb enlarge. Even...
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    How Do You Backup Your SP4?

    question regarding an image can you image everything including apps so restoring an image gets tou up and running without adding anything else?
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    Surface 4Pro and Chromecast

    I use MicrosoftEdge as my browser (not interested in Chrome) and was given a ChromeCast dongle. will this work for casting my surface to a Samsung smart TV? Not a techie so please keep it simple.
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    Customize Surface Pen

    I had the same problem with excel Make sure you are in Normal Mode and not Display mode. see 3 icons lower left on an excel sheet. try both and use the one that does not leave ink marks.
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    Photos Display App

    Surface Pro 4 I am looking for an app that will display my photos in a slide show format but multiple photos on the screen at the same time and different effects such as fade, flip etc. something similar to some of the Apple apps Anyone know of such a thing?
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    Customize Surface Pen

    I have searched for this but no luck Can the pen be switched from a writing tool to just a pointer/selection tool? I use the pen a lot (great device) but on a spreadsheet I am constantly leaving "ink" marks where I do not want them. There probably is a setting that I am missing. Can I...
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    Standard charger with Surface pro 4

    as far as determining which charger you have there is a significant physical difference. The 27/36 watt charger is about 2x1.5x1. the 65 watt (I'm guessing) is 3x1.5x1. Longer and slightly wider. which makes sense.
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    Standard charger with Surface pro 4

    I purchased my base model Surface at Best Buy and the charger I received is a 26 or 36 watt charger. Not the larger 65 watt charger. Is this the correct charger for the SP4? When the tech at Best Buy opened a new box the smaller charger was inside. It does take a long time (no specific time...
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    Cannot Program Pen Clicks

    Any suggestions on this. I attached a screen shot for programming the pen and as you can see the "click" programming option is greyed out. what am I missing here? Thanks
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    Cannot Program Pen Clicks

    searched and read the posts re above. Set up for pressure works. when I try to program the pen the customization for the clicks are greyed out. pairing just offered Left or Right hand, cursor .everything else is greyed out. Any suggestions appreciated.

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