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    Video Playback for both Movie &TV/Netflix apps stuttering..Help

    Here’s something odd. I was watching movies again yesterday and happened to not have full screen on which had done before and on Netflix app this issue didn’t return. Can’t say the same for the Movies & TV app. That still was problematic. I also kept airplane mode off. So frustrating.
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    Video Playback for both Movie &TV/Netflix apps stuttering..Help

    I purchased the 2017 Surface Pro about 6 weeks ago. All updates have been performed and everything overall is running flawlessly (thank God!). However, I fly to the West Coast a few days ago and decided to watch a downloaded Netflix movie on the flight as well as movie I downloaded from the...
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    Surface Pen stopped working (responding to touch)

    Which driver am I looking for? I looked at display drivers and they were fine but cannot find correct one. On another note, I restarted my machine and the pen worked. But when the machine went to sleep, the same thing happened again
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    Surface Pen stopped working (responding to touch)

    I am a Windows insider and use all the fast builds. Yesterday I received a big one and updated to it. It's Creators Edition 1703 and Build is 16288.1 Pen stopped working fully. Pressing the cap brings up my Windows Ink Workspace fine. Double clicking screen shots work and holding it...
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    Surface Book Hinge Issue? Keyboard Lag?

    I decided to try and give my SB another try seeing as how it's been 6 months since I last used it and figured updates might have solved an issue I had been having. Booted it back up 1 week ago, did all the updates and even installed the newest version of Windows 10 (creators) which I really...
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    What if Microsoft had waited?

    I am being sent the newest MacBook. I am willing to take that device, despite the lack of ports, for something that will work. I used a MacAir in 2012 with Office and it worked FLAWLESSLY. No issues for me at all. While this machine is an excellent looking piece of hardware, it's now a...
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    Solved Win 10 mail app??? Is it designed to make you break, give in and get outlook?

    I cannot figure out how to get my outlook to even work properly. We use Google Apps for business so it won't auto set up and configuring it has been a pain. The ONLY reason I use Chrome on SB is due to the fact we have gmail addresses for work. I use a plugin that only works on Chrome for...
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    Firmware 27 Jan Does NOT resolve Sleep Issues

    Months of the same issue and still not fixed. I don't even know what was supposedly fixed on this. Nothing for me changed at all. Still the same connected standby issues. The Auto Rotate on/off message still appears on my screen. Everything else remains the same as before. So what has MS...
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    Horrendous Keyboard Backlighting

    I have backlight off unless the room is fairly dark. I like the backlight on this in this situations, but I agree that when in lighter areas, the keys cannot even really be read. I think that's the difference between a black keys on the Macs and this device. Black keys I can see it clearly in...
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    Firmware 27 Jan Does NOT resolve Sleep Issues

    Problem not solved. And I am not going to go through all the trouble of enabling SoiX at this point. Currently, I have it set to Hibernate when closing the lid vs Connected Standby. The absolutely crazy thing here is that when I hibernate, I lose about 4-5% battery over an 10 hour period. If...
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    SB - Hard to take quick handwritten notes in one note with clipboard attached.

    Wow..Would I LOVE it if my SB would do that easily. Detach...easy, flip around? No problem...Reattach? Yup..good to go. Operational? Nope. Totally freezes EVERY time I do this and I have to do a reboot to make it work again. So damn frusrtating
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    Battery Performance

    Turned on with 95% battery at 8:15am. Worked on PPT and Word Docs until 12:35pm. Brightness at 75%. Drained down to 22%. So that's 73% drain in 4:15 min doing basic office stuff, connected to WiFi, and checking emails every so often via Chrome. NO WAY I get even close to 12 hours. I'm...
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    SB Initial Impressions after 1 week

    Battery life is not even close to what was advertised. I life my screen at 50% or 75% if I am working in a well lit room. I don't have much running in the background if anything at all. I have to use Chrome since Edge has the color changing and stuttering issues that are plaguing everyone...
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    Wow. Set machine to hiberate with lid closed and...

    I decided to set the SB to hibernate when I close the lid since connected standby is just draining battery at a much higher rate than my previous SB3. Attached you can see that when I left my office Friday evening, I was at 100% and now it drained over 40% in HIBERNATE? What in the hell is...
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    Muscle Wire - Removing the Screen

    So was on phone with Microsoft for over 1 hour. They agreed to replace it. Sending me a new unit. I was surprised because of lack of inventory but perhaps they have excess in case of issues with early adopters? Anyway, they send me the order guarantee and was told to expect my new machine...
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    Muscle Wire - Removing the Screen

    Posted in different thread but went to MS store today. The techs that worked on it were able to determine it is 100% a hardware issue. Apparently the left side is not releasing at all. They told me the mechanism is actually in the screen not the keyboard base. When they spun the screen...
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    Day 2 with SB - Uh Oh

    Found a MS store while traveling today. The tech worked on it for a bit trying to see if it was a software issue but he concluded it is most definitely a hardware problem with the left side of the screen not releasing at all. Now I need to initiate a replacement which I guess will take a...
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    Freeze after lightuse

    Were you on the phone or chatting with the tech online? I am going to need to do the same thing unless I get lucky and they will take mine back at a MS store.
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    Muscle Wire - Removing the Screen

    So I thought maybe I was not waiting long enough so I did, I hear the click, and it says "Ready to Detach". Then I attempt and same issue. The right side comes right up, the left stays locked. I even tried removing strictly from the left side and no dice. And if I REALLY yank it then it...
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    Day 2 with SB - Uh Oh

    Yesterday, everything but one item seemed to be ok. I am still having a major issue getting the screen to remove cleaning from the keyboard base. The right side removes easily when I hear the click but the left side stays in place and the only way to get it to remove is yank it hard, and I...

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