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    Fold back the Type Cover

    Yep, you can use the type cover in one of two ways when in tablet mode: 1. leave it on as normal and just fold it all the way back, the keys remain exposed but are disabled. 2. take it off and put it on backwards so you have tablet mode without keys being exposed. Either way works.
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    But 5Ghz (wave frequency) doesn't always mean faster. I believe the SP2 (and other devices) will pick whichever band has a stronger signal. And since 2.4Ghz can penetrate walls better, the SP2 might actually see it as the better option. For example, on my HTC One I force it to use 2.4Ghz...
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    fast startup and micro sd card=CPU and Disk usage to go extremely high. Please READ

    I know with Android it tries to generate thumbnails for everything before you even view the folder, but those thumbnails are saved on the card and not processed again the second time, I think. With windows 7 I know it doesnt generate thumbnails until you look at the actual folder in the...
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    Availability, stock levels

    Stock is hard to come by even in the US lol. Its cause MS overestimated demand for the SP1/RT and now they're underestimating demand for the SP2/S2 because they dont want to lose a ton of money in leftover inventories.
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    fast startup and micro sd card=CPU and Disk usage to go extremely high. Please READ

    +1 I just tested it in multiple ways I have a 8GB microSD card 1. I tested hibernate with the card in, it stuck to around 30% for at least a minute or two. 2. I tested hibernate without the card in, CPU dipped to below 10% within seconds. 3. I repeated the above after disabling window's...
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    Pro 2 Stand Defect

    I suspect the "sticker" thing has an actual functional purpose. Kinda like a spring/tensioner for the kick stand. Imagine this, a sheet of paper is folded in half, most of it is inserted into the Surface. The bottom half of the sheet is inside of the surface and the tip is glued to the inside...
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    Not the usual "Type Cover doesn't work" thread

    Yea I can confirm reusing the same license after a refresh/reset is fine. It gave me no problems.
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    Pro 2 Stand Defect

    Okay gonna give this a quick bump, sorry for double post. But my bulge seems to have gotten worse and I've only owned this thing for 6 days. I read about VaporMG and how "a single piece of tape can cause a bulge" because thats how tight the tolerances in the machine is. Sooo.. I took a closer...
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    Optimizing Battery Health for Surface Pro (2)

    I agree with you, I used this feature on my old Thinkpad T410. It would only charge when below 80% and stop charging once it gets to 95%. It also ran directly off AC power when the battery was done charging, rather than drain from battery and top off battery. Not sure if SP2 does this. Its...
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    post your surface internet speeds!

    I agree with the other posts in the thread that state this test doesnt demonstrate the SP2's wifi capabilities unless you just have an internet connection that surpasses your router's wireless protocol's max speed. Anyway. My SP2 on 130Mbps 802.11n: My PC on 1Gbps Ethernet: The...
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    Pro 2 Stand Defect

    Just got my SP2 today. It kindaa has a bulge? Its not perfectly flat. But I noticed that i can bend the kickstand slightly inwards when its all the way open, and then when i close it, it becomes completely flush. So honestly, I dont think I care.
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    To be honest though, I dont think most offices or commercial spaces would have their wifi set up with different bands and speeds like your home does. Commercial spaces tend to have either just one AP (like in a small store), or multiple identical overlapping APs supporting a range of speeds on...

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