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    3d print fan box - prevent throttling

    Looking good. This here is another 3D printed design one of the forum users developed. He has a version 1 that just blew air on the back of the device, but learned that there is air intake on top so he changed the design a bit. SP3 Duct 2.0 (Stops thermal throttling!) | Microsoft Surface Forums
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    Bluetooth Mouse for Surface Pro 3

    Should work just fine. My Bluetooth mouse has had no issues with the switch. Most do not list windows 10 because they were produced before windows 10 was available.
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    Who's getting one?

    Yeah, I knew that Microsoft buying N-Trig. That was why I saw them going with Wacom as not happening.I mainly just miss a pen that reads orientation. I would like to see a full dock-able Keyboard(maybe w/battery), to get more of a laptop feel. As far as specs, I am okay with the 8GB ram models...
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    Who's getting one?

    I do not think one is in my budget at this time. My SP3 is working just fine, and as kayzee said, it has new life since Windows 10 came out. If they went with Wacom for some reason instead of N-Trig(Which I do not see happening) I would reconsider, but as GreyFox said, I want to see a real...
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    so i return my surface:(

    Just curious, which Lenovo desktop did you go with?
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    Drawing/Art Programs

    How is the UI in mischief? I have been using the free version of Krita, but the UI is so small because of the screen resolution. I would be willing to spend 25 on Mischief for a better scaled UI heh.
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    Which surface for Photoshop CC

    I would so go for the 8gb i5. Having more ram is never a bad thing. Especially with the discount Greyfox mentioned right now.
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    USB 3.0 Hub issues with Logitech Webcam

    Having some issues that seem to be power related but shouldn't be. I have a Logitech C615 and a C920, each has the same issue. I am using a USB hub for a podcast setup. The webcams do not work. I have tried them one at a time. They function if they are the only device plugged directly into the...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I came across one WiFi issue in build 10166. Issue was odd. If you typed in WiFi password and hit enter key to connect it would not connect, but if you clicked the OK button with the mouse it worked fine. I have yet to try it on build 10240 yet.
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    How to move Onedrive folder to SD card

    * Edit: Just noticed malberttoo already mentioned the steps to do this heh. Oh well, leaving post just in case :D * Also here is link that tells you how to have OneDrive sync to new location...
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    Screen Drivers

    It is fine to install the intel drivers, I have been running them on my i7 for a while now with no issues. It is nice to have more options to control your performance as well. Here is the link to the drivers for the i5 (Latest version on top of list should be perfect, 64-bit)...
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    Pen glitches when palm touches screen

    I had issues like this when I had manually recalibrated the pen(not talking about through Surface Hub). I am not running Windows 8.1 anymore, so I do not remember how to open up the calibration, but I think it is called Tablet PC Settings. It brings you to screen where you tape 4 points with...
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    Solved That Software Won't Work on a Surface Pro!??

    The only thing I could think of trying is uninstalling it completely and manual install the driver only, not the software. Then just try using the windows default scanner software. You will most likely not have a lot of options, but it might allow it to work at least. There should be no reason...
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    Smarter on-screen keyboard behavior?

    I would love to see them incorporate swipe typing functionality like they have on windows mobile right now too.
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    SP3 as a Tablet Replacement?

    Don't try putting your MacBook Pro in tablet mode, it doesn't function yet, still buggy. Tried it on my friends and he had to return it because the screen wouldn't come on. Hehe, I kid. Couldn't help myself :) On topic though, The Surface 3 might be a better choice if you mainly use it for...
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    Bamboo Paper

    I use Sketchable. It is super close to being exactly like Paper. You have to buy access to the tools though, but I found it way worth it.
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    touch not always working

    When I had this issue it was due to my pen. The pen loop put the pen tip too close to the screen when it was in the loop. Cause it to turn off the touch sensitivity, since it thought I was using pen instead. Do not know where your pen is located, but I assume you tried with it laying off to the...
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    Bluetooth Mouse for Surface Pro 3

    This is my daily driver. HP x4000b ( I needed a mouse with a nice scroll wheel for my 3D software. (Solidworks, AutoCAD, Maya, Blender, ZBrush) It was the best for me. It is the perfect size. It is...
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    Solved Pen not writing - Purple button working

    Same here sharpcolorado. It is interesting how many battery problems I have seen, and have not come across it myself, especially with how much I use my pen! I think Microsoft bought some bad batteries from somewhere, heh.

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