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    IE11 intermittently not loading pages

    Yes - I've had the same thing happen. I installed chrome because I use Surface for work - some of our applications are web-based and I can't have an unreliable browser ...
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    Solved Help with Freeze on Boot?

    I marked this thread as "solved" - thanks, again, for everyone's help!!
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    Solved Help with Freeze on Boot?

    FWIW, I can confirm my problem is identical: Surface logo with no spinning dots, it only happens on restart, and only happens when cover is folded back. I've been paying close attention all week and have only had it happened twice - both times were as stated above. So at least I have a work...
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3- MediaCenter Protected Content Error

    Yes - same setup and problem but no solution, unfortunately. At least I can confirm that there seems to be a bug.
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    Solved Help with Freeze on Boot?

    Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions!! I had never thought about the type cover ... but now that you mention it, YES - I do think that the type cover is folded back when I have the boot problem. I use a tablet stand on my desk at work, so the type cover is always folded back. I put...
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    Solved Help with Freeze on Boot?

    I've had my surface pro 3 for months and generally love it. However, it has one problem that makes me crazy - it freezes when I boot about 40% of the time or more. It will show the Surface logo and then just freeze ... I have to hold the power button until it turns off and then try again...
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    Recent Update Kills Wired Ethernet on Surface (RT) 2?

    Yesterday must have been a fluke. After a few restarts it's working again today on Surface 2 / Windows 8.1 even with all of the latest updates. If you google the driver (AX88772B_772A_772_WinRT_Driver_v3.16.0.1807) you should be able to locate the instructions for how to install it. If you...
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    Recent Update Kills Wired Ethernet on Surface (RT) 2?

    I got to work this morning and my Ethernet doesn't work anymore?!? I attempted to reinstall the driver (AX88772B_772A_772_WinRT_Driver_v3.16.0.1807) and now I get an error message that it is not compatible with RT??? If anyone has a fix please let me know.
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    Surface RT 8.1 Preview

    I've got it installed from Windows Store on Surface RT (takes quite a while to install - your download time may vary) - here's what I've noticed: 1. Yes - you get Outlook. Works like on the desktop. Love it! 2. You get new tile sizes on the Start menu and you also have the option to add an...
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    Win 8.1 overview

    Jailbreak no longer works.
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    Type Cover problem?

    I agree - hopefully the MS covers will be trend setters and we will see other manufacturers follow. The cover was the whole reason I went for the Surface - all other tablet keyboards seem bulky and ugly to me and make the tablet look like a cheap netbook (at best). Some are not even...
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    Surface Pro downgraded to accessory status...

    Have you looked at the Samsung 700t / Ativ Pro? It has specs similar to SP but a larger screen and is available (in the US anyway) now.
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    Question about Words with Friends

    Are you using the Metro app or the desktop version? One option may be to try using desktop mode and toggling compatibility view to see if that helps. Another question would be whether you are using touch input or a mouse/trackpad? If you are not, try a mouse/trackpad and see if it works -...
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    Dropbox App Weirdness

    If you go to File --> Options --> Trust Center --> Trust Center Settings you can disable Protected View if you really want to. Your documents will open normally, but that would leave you open to unintended pilfering and badness.
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    I have one. Takes some getting used to because it's really quite small. But that's also why I find it appealing - I don't think twice about picking it up to bring with me and can carry both the Surface and the mouse in the same hand without worrying about dropping either. The horizontal and...
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    Laptop died, thinking of a Surface RT

    Here's my "short" answer, followed by rambling...If you have any desktop applications you can't live without, go for the Acer or other x86 tablet. If videos are your highest priority and you don't want to wait for Surface to come out with great video software, go for Android. If browsing...
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    Surface pro as a work replacement

    You can map SkyDrive as a network drive on Windows RT (Google it). Anything saved on other computers shows up there (but has to be downloaded to be accessed) and you can also save files directly there. If you have a SkyDrive file open and you click "save", it will upload to SkyDrive which I...
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    TouchDown email client from NitroDesk

    I love touchdown for Android but the Surface version I purchased is buggy and slow. Will there be updates in the near future? It offers a wonderful and robust set of features but needs fine tuning...
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    Touch cover or Type cover

    I started with the type cover and switched to the touch cover. I'm a professional and need to use the Surface for notes and email while I'm in meetings. This is the whole reason that I got it. I agree that you can type much faster and more accurately on the type cover, but also have to stress...

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