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    Do I Need To Return Tablet Or Just The Power Supply?

    Call them. I had to call them since I tried sending it in by itself through their online center....that was a mistake. Nothing but problems and someone talking to me from England....I live in Michigan.... I finally got a hold of someone in the States and they sent me a new one. But when I...
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    Surface RT shocking me

    So far no, it hasn't happened again. I didn't think it was that dry, I was in Shenzhen, China. But I don't know the humility there. It was strange and a little painful. Thanks, I am less worried that my Surface is trying to kill me!
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    Surface RT shocking me

    I was in the airport sitting on the dry, clean, marble floor with the charger plugged in the wall that I was leaning against. Also dry and clean. I had my phone plugged into the Surface charging via USB and head phones listening to music from the Surface. I was sitting cross-legged and the...
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    Parts or broken Surface tablets?

    Where can I find parts, frames or broken Surface 2, Surface Pro and Pro 2? I am designing a product for the family of surface tablets and it would save me a lot of money just to buy the frames or broken models people have. Doesn't have to turn on, as long as the hardware still holds its...
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    Patch Tuesday is coming April 9th

    Have you notice it running faster? I noticed it and its really nice. Snapper, less buggy. It seems I don't really have a probem closing apps now. But that could be me cleaning it. I cleaned the screen and the keyboard, it looks brand new now!
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    creating a USB recovery. While it delete 100% everythin on my USB/SD card?

    Thanks guys. Thats what I needed. looks like I will just wait until I get another flash drive. You need a 2gb? I still have a 512mb from the old old days when I was in my first year of university!
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    creating a USB recovery. While it delete 100% everythin on my USB/SD card?

    I have some important files on my SD card. I will use it in the USB drive to create a backup USB recovery using an adapter. I don't plan on deleting the recovery on the surface. The windows help site said eveyting on the USB will be erased. Does that mean all 16gb? Or just the 4gb that it...
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    getting anew touch cover

    I hope this is the right forum. please move if need be. I have a black touch cover. I really wanted the blue, but at the time they were selling only black with the 64GB. (A month later they aloud you to choose! That pissed me off!) haha Anyways, I heard so many peope had wires being...
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    New Here

    Hi everyone, This is my first post. I come here, and other surface forums, to find hrlo on my problem. I have the RT, absolutly love it. BUT, the speakes are too quiet. I travel for busines, so having seporate speakers don't work all the time. Headphones work great when I am on the train...

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