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  1. benone

    Battery Drain after Shutdown

    I got the same problem and my surface is still under warranty. Microsoft hotline told me "is like that", if you want we can replace the device for you. But they said they can't guarantee it can solve the problem. And they don't give any refund or model upgrade options . WTF, which mean I need...
  2. benone

    Battery Swelling

    I own a surface 3 device purchased in a local authorised reseller in Hong Kong. Last week I found the battery swell as it pushes the monitor and a gap appears. If I plug the device to the dock, I am not able to switch it on. I contacted Microsoft local support, sent them all the photos...
  3. benone

    Surface Pro 4 won't turn on

    I got the exact same problem! But I don't even see any surface logo at startup.
  4. benone

    Turns on but won't start up

    I got my surface a hard restart because it was frozen. Since then the monitor appears to be black all the time. Keyboard is lighting up but the machine has no response. Tried to connect to an external monitor via mini DP, nothing appears also. Press and hold power + Vol up to reset, no hope.
  5. benone

    multiple monitors

    I think there are two ways to do it: (1)Use an usb-hdmi adapter (2)Connect to the first screen with displayport then the second one via Daisy chaining DisplayLink from the first screen
  6. benone

    Docking Station wont recognise monitor

    I got the replacement dock from Microsoft today, and it just works!! So there is an issue with the dock I am sure!
  7. benone

    Docking Station wont recognise monitor

    With the new cable, it still doesn't work.
  8. benone

    Docking Station wont recognise monitor

    Same problem here. Microsoft suggests to buy a certain brand of the cable listed on their trouble shooting page. I just order a mdp<>dp cable. I will update here after I get the cable.
  9. benone

    Kernel-Power Shutdown Issue W/ YouTube

    Chrome does not use H264 to decode the video which takes up lots of CPU usage. After months of research I firgured out a solution!!! Install this plugin so YouTube video will decode as h264 h264ify So far after the measure, I didn't experience the issue for months. Hope it is a permanent fix...
  10. benone

    Kernel-Power Shutdown Issue W/ YouTube

    Is it an overheat issue?
  11. benone

    Kernel-Power Shutdown Issue W/ YouTube

    I am having the exact same problem and I am very frustrating now!!!!

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