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    Local Best Buy no longer carries I7

    I bought my i7/256 at a local Best Buy a few weeks ago, and, looking at today's inventory using the "check stores" function online, it looks like every Best Buy within a couple hundred miles (I'm in Burlington, VT) has 512s, and about half or a few less have i7/256s as well... I'm almost sure...
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    What version should I get? Wait for Windows 9?

    I'm running Photoshop, Lightroom and ArcGIS on an i7/256... If there are bigger pigs of applications than those three, I can't think of them. The Surface handles them fine, and doesn't heat up any more than any other smallish laptop asked to handle these huge apps - remember that this thing...
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    So...has the SP3 replaced your laptop?

    I've noticed that I'm not the only Mac to SP3 switcher on here... First-generation Retina MBP to SP3 after 30 years of Macs! I absolutely love the pen-tablet functionality - the only other machine that will do that is a Wacom Cintiq (most versions of which are horribly expensive input/display...
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    Can I turn SP3 into a Wacom Intuos?

    you should be able to do better than using the sp3 as a mere intuos. Use the sp3 in dual monitor mode, and have the close up view on the tablet monitor while the palettes and an overview of the image are on the iMac. In effect, the surface is now a Wacom Cintiq. The only catch is that the...
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    Photographer considering SP3 - 30 year Mac guy

    I'm assuming that 8 GB is going to be essential for my use? Specifically, there's a nice 8/256/i5 Open Box at my local Best Buy that I have my eye on (it sits forlornly in a display case that nobody notices, and its price keeps going down - I hope it goes down low enough to be worth buying as an...
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    Photographer considering SP3 - 30 year Mac guy

    I've been using Macs since 1984 (!) and have always hated Windows, but I don't see Apple going in the direction I want, while Microsoft, much as I hate to say it, is... Apple has not released any touchscreen device running OS X, and doesn't seem about to, either. They are concentrating heavily...

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