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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    Wow I've been away from this board for awhile. I'm happy to know that the script was useful for a lot of people. Thank you Billy64 for the Toggle button. On my side, I've done 2 icons on my start screen. I'm still using it a lot.
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    As Neko wrote, does your Windows Language is English? If not, you need to change the HID-compliant touch screen for the term in the language. I will edit the first post to add this information.
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    Hi @vxm I'm sorry I just saw your message on the topic. I hope you found your solution but if not, I did check for the error and I think you have to "unblock" the zip file you've downloaded before extracting it to the folder. Please see the following link...
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    No the script won't create the batch file. You need to do it manually. First, open Powershell ISE in Windows and go get the UAC elevation script from the link above. Copy everything to "# Run your code that needs to be elevated here" (So don't copy the 2 last lines). Paste it in the upper pane...
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    Can one adjust the "pen proximity sensor" of the SP3?

    I don't think it's what he meant. The pen seems to work well but he touch with his palm of his hand before the pen is close enough to start the palm rejection. I had the same problem and to solve it, I did a script to disable the touch screen when I'm in a meeting and I'm using the pen in one...
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    Thanks for the comment. I'm sure your clients will be happier to sign on your tablet with the touch screen disabled. When I go in a meeting, disabling the touch screen is the first thing I do.
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    Disable the touch screen to use the pen

    Hello, One of the thing I really like about the SP3 is the pen integration that is really well done. There is almost no lag and it's very precise. Unfortunately, even with the palm rejection, I had some problems when putting my hand before approaching the pen. So I decided I needed a quick way...
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    Hello everyone. New to SP3 and in love.

    Hello everyone, I've been reading a lot this forum since I got my SP3 and I decided to open an account to share my experience, help others and ask questions as they come. I'm an IT specialist working as a self employed consultant. I needed to replace my work laptop and wanted to get a machine...

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