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    SP3 fan is always on after upgrade to Win 10.

    Check to see if your SP3 is defragmenting. I'm not talking about TRIM which should happen, but the defragger was making my SP3 so hot i could burn myself.
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    SP3 power adapter pins

    Right, but why does a simple power cable need 6 pins (per side) to output a simple 12V if the brick wasn't intended to carry data?
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    SP3 power adapter pins

    I would like to make some noise for a USB hub via the power port. I've always wondered why there were 6 pins per side on the power connector of the SP3. I've been secretly hoping the power brick actually does more than supply power via the usb port, and is in fact a true USB data port to be...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I'm running the same model, and the system update installed. Finally think I figured out what the system update did. Under batter saver settings it has usage information. Before it listed the percentage the Display and System power used of the battery. Now it also includes WiFi.
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    New SP3 User

    My i5 8GB model took a few days to finish all the update compressing (Windows Installer Module), indexing, OneDrive syncing (had to sync about 50GB of data, the index service was indexing the new files which really hit the CPU). Unfortunately to save power these are optimized to run more when...
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    Windows 10 Graphics Update- Video Fixed!!!

    Why do you need to switch to software decoding? That is less efficient and would use more power/cause the fans to run more. Also what rendering engine are you using? Check about:flags to see what your "Enable Experimental Web Platform Features" is set to. Some users get the experimental...
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    Windows 10 Graphics Update- Video Fixed!!!

    Just downloaded a graphics driver update to Hulu, youtube, and graphics in general all seem to be working again in build 9926.
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    SP3 Power Adapter USB Port issues? Stops Charging?

    I basically have the same problem. If I plug in something to charge into the USB port on the power supply my SP3 stops charging. At least the device keeps charging. I can confirm this is not supposed to happen. I had my SP3 replaced and the new charger charges both my ASUS Note 8 Windows Tablet...
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    How do you hold your Surface Pro 3?

    I second this! The magnetic strip where the power cover attaches is very strong. 3rd) The hotter half of the computer is then at the top (the CPU and Fan on on the right hands side in landscape next to the Window Key).
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    Exchanged my launch day SP3 - Differences in build and materials

    Hi Maximus 3D Absolutely, it has to he there. What is interesting is that it has changed from thick lines forming a rectangular pattern to the more familiar, and much less visible dot pattern. I am noticed less distortion of the glass when I write. Maybe it is a harder/ thicker layer? I'd...
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    Something "different" in newer builds...

    I mean it is easier to see immediately surrounding a light in the background. But to see it you have to focus on the screen, not the image reflecting on the glass. For comparison, my new computer just has a grid of largely spaced, but nearly invisible dots, as opposed to short, thicker...
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    Exchanged my launch day SP3 - Differences in build and materials

    Had to pick up some speakers from BestBuy. Checked all of their display units. All had the original pattern I had seen on my first computer. Unfortunately I can't get a lot number on the display models.
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    Exchanged my launch day SP3 - Differences in build and materials

    I went to the MS store to return my launch day SP3 because of a yellow tint on the left side of the screen. +10 for service at the Beachwood Store in OH. All they did was ask if I purchased it at their store. I told them I bought it online directly from MS. Good-enough for them. A quick check...
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    Something "different" in newer builds...

    My old machine with the streak was log 1433 too. Can you see the touch layer on the screen if you look at a lamp in the background with the computer off and at a 45-65 degree angle? If so would you take an image of your screen with it off at a 45 angle.
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    Something "different" in newer builds...

    I'll refer you to my other post but, leaving aside the slippery pen which doesn't slip anymore: The touch/digitizer surface of the glass has changed from my Launch day model to the one I picked up in the store yesterday. Anyone with an earlier model I would love to get a picture of your screen...
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    Something "different" in newer builds...

    I logged in to say the same thing. I took my SP3 back for the same reason and exchanged it at a MS store yesterday. Changes I have noticed: New digitizer layer?!* No more haptic feedback with stat button. pen has much much more friction. A slight buzz when plugged in. A change in how the...
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    Post Your SP3 WiFi/Internet Issues Here

    I have an i5 8/256 GB SP3. I finally at work am getting 100+Mbs speeds over WiFi on an N-band router. Router connection times seems significantly reduced. At home I have a 30Mb/s connection and an ASUS 1.3Gb AC router. Very impressed at the new responsiveness when web browsing. Not that it was...
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    Any Happy SP3 users?

    I've been using a slate PC since the ASUS EP121. I knew right away it had the perfect screen size to replace my stolen laptop. But as a scientist I couldn't read papers in portrait mode. Superscript and subscript were unreadable. But as much as I loved the PC I couldn't keep using it. 1st gen...
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    Systemhadware/UEFI Update Strangeness

    This update is related to the type covers. For some reason windows needs to keep the files around after the update, and will try to reinstall each time they are removed, but a process like disk cleanup. To stop if from showing up, install and don't clean Windows update when you run disk cleanup.

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