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    Issue when typing in Word - Characters keep being missed

    I have a Surface Pro on which I have installed Office 2010 (it's the version I need for work so has to be 2010). When I am typing in Word it seems like approx. once a minute the computer has to think about something for a couple of seconds and any characters I am typing get missed. The swirly...
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    First steps with my new pro

    I took a bit of time rearranging the tiles, removing the ones I didn't want and grouping the rest into a sensible order, and putting the ones I am likely to use the most at the front (but leaving some slots for future ones). A small thing but it has improved my experience already.
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    So, who types with the Surface on the lap?

    You can use the Surface to type in your lap. Period. On my current business trip I have done so in a hotel lobby, waiting for flights, even having a meeting in the back of a taxi. I cannot understand anyone who is unable to use it in this way. And that's completely excluding using it perfectly...
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    New Surface Pro Owner... How to Install Software?

    This is the DVD/Blu-Ray drive I bought. It has been superb and works flawlessly with the Surface Pro (and with surprisingly little additional drain on the battery): Plextor PX-B120U External Slim Blu-ray Player: Computers & Accessories
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    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    After several days of heavy use (I got my Surface Pro last Thursday, started a business trip on Saturday and have been using the Pro constantly) I can confirm that I am consistently getting ~6 hours battery life (the battery estimate has suggested up to 8hrs and, on one memorable occasion, 10.5...
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    Masculine Messenger Bag

    I really want one too. Unfortunately it is a well known law of physics that only Jack Bauer can carry a man bag and not look gay.
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    Just received my Surface Pro

    I used the same as the shipping address. It seemed to work okay. If that had failed apparently there are ways round this - Netpay and others that would provide a US billing address.
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    Just received my Surface Pro

    It comes with US two pin plug. I just use a standard travel adaptor and it charges fine.
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    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    I am also getting this kind of battery life. Agreed it may be because it's new and I have mostly been using just internet and Office, but at the moment it's battery life has been quite excellent. I have prob had screen at about 35 - 40% brightness.
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    Surface pro WAY under appreciated

    I couldn't disagree more. I have been using the Pro for a couple of days and I am finding it excellent as either a laptop or a tablet. I'm not sure in what way as an ultrabook or tablet you find it 'mediocre' - can you expand on that? Have you used one?
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    screen problems with gaming

    I am having the same problem with Baldurs gate 2 - most irritating is that it was working fine, then changed, so I think it should be a simple fix in theory. The compatibility troubleshooter is not fixing it.
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    Just received my Surface Pro

    Bundlebox is a service that provides people outside the US with a US mailing address so products only available in the US can be purchased. They give you a personal US address which the package is delivered to, then they forward the package on for you and arrange for import taxes to be paid. I...
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    Battery life for the Surface Pro

    I thought that might be the case but I'll keep checking. :)
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    Thanks - will try this.
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    Battery life for the Surface Pro

    I fully charged my Surface Pro and decided to read a Word doc in bed. As the room is pretty dark I put it on lowest brightness. After 10 mins I wondered what this usage would give me (by the battery indicator estimate) as a 'best case' scenario. It is offering a remaining 7hrs 30mins. That has...
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    Just received my Surface Pro

    Yes, MS Store. Have been playing all day. I can't understand any negative comments about this. It's so fast, the screen is amazing and it plays with all my old hardware without a hitch. And the battery has been lasting fine - on lowish (but perfectly fine) brightness working in Office it was...
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    Portable battery pack for the Surface Pro?

    I think the PowerGorilla team are working on an adaptor for the Surface. PowerGorilla powers any laptop.
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    Just received my Surface Pro

    I did - arranged it all through Bundlebox. I'll check how much (think it was approx £80)
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    Just received my Surface Pro

    It's had a long journey to my home in UK. All I can say is wow...
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    Antivirus for Surface Pro

    Do you think MS Defender is adequate for normal usage? Or would you use a third party?

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