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    No Surface Book 2?

    New surface event May 23. Could be Surface Book 2 or Pro 5 Microsoft will ‘show the world what’s next’ at May 23rd event in Shanghai
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    Cover for SB Screen

    I find the TechGlass is sufficient. Can put tablet face down with no worries. Microsoft Surface Book Glass Screen Protector, Skinomi Tech Glass - Lifetime Replacement / Ultra Thin Tempered Glass - Clear 9H Hardness w/ Oleophobic Coating - 99% Clarity & Touchscreen Accuracy...
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    Surface Book design problem?

    The Hinge in that picture is clearly bent or defective. Each wedge should slightly higer than the next one. And the gap between wedges and the uni-body should each be the same. (the red circle should look like the yellow) Should be
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    Surface Book vs Razer Blade Stealth

    You know that the Razer Blade Stealth will not have an internal GPU! Kind of useless as a mobile gamer or powerful graphics tool unless you plan on lugging the external Graphics case around. One of the reasons I got the SB was it is one of the smallest form factors with an internal GPU (but I...
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    dGPU error

    have you tried simply resetting the SB by holding down volume and power buttons?
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    i5 SB vs i7 SB for gaming?

    That's good news that the i7's perform identically. Do you have any very current games? I'm interested how Fallout 4, Rainbow 6 Siege, or any other demanding game would fair on the surface book. The most Demanding game I own is Bioshock Infinite.
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    i5 SB vs i7 SB for gaming?

    Probably help a little. Just keeping it raised would do some good. Problem is it won't really help with heat and noise unless you can somehow stand a cooler base on it's side and also cool the CPU/tablet portion. This is a drawback of the separate systems (especially if you live somewhere in...
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    i5 SB vs i7 SB for gaming?

    No throttling, and not much difference in temp. Mt GPU temps max at around 69 C but doesn't throttle at those temps according to GPUz logs. Fans Ran about the same (more on that) Unless you get a unit with poor pasting job, or faulty chip; you should never have to worry about the base...
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    i5 SB vs i7 SB for gaming?

    Seneleron's experience should be considered the exception, not the rule (remember his first unit was defective). Strictly speaking, the i5 and i7 in the surface books are the exact same chip. The i5's are the i7's that did not pass certain requirements and where down-clocked 200mhz. That...
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    SurfaceBook Keyboard Help please

    No not helpful, but thanks for trying. It would take something special to not know what the F1 and F2 keys do, this laptop would be wayyyy out of their league. Still would like to change this. Does anyone know if it is *not* possible; save me the headache of constantly combing through...
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    Screen cracked

    Ouch, could it be that opening it from that spot all the time weakened it; then heat finished the job?
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    SurfaceBook Keyboard Help please

    Does any know if, and how, to turn the keyboard back-light permanently on or adjust the timer? I want it so it doesn't go dark after a few seconds when not using it. A stopwatch times it at 22 seconds right now. 5 minutes would be ideal
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    Anyone seen any hard shells or rubberized ones for the SB?

    Not yet, Just ordered a tech-glass screen protector though (they just came out at the end of November). I'm curious to see pen responsiveness with it. Only $20 so I thought it was worth a shot. Skinomi Tech Glass - Microsoft Surface Book Glass Screen Protector w/ Lifetime Warranty /...
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    Poll Are you guys using insider builds or not?

    For a lot of people, it isn't about Microsoft stealing the information, but some person or entity finding security holes (or forcing them) and using Microsoft's Spyware (that is what it is, legal spyware) to collect that information. Personally for me, I don't really care about that; but I do...
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    Love everything about surface book, but not the hinge!

    I love the hinge on my SB. Feels so much more sturdy than the Lenovo and Dell alternatives. Also like to have the larger hinge end to grab it by when it is closed. It is also much more balanced when I am reclined and typing with it on my upper lap / stomach area. One note to anyone concerned...
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    MS could have launched and advertised the SB better

    I'm pretty sure that SurfaceBook sales is not their goal with the "Bullish" statements they made. Hardware sales will always be second to their software (like apple macbook sales is a far second to their phones, music, and ipads). What they wanted, and got, is thousands of people...
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    GPU degrades graphics peformance

    I would try to see if you can exchange the base only if your clipboard is working fine. My surface book dGPU is working great. Super stable, got about P3000 on 3D mark 11 with a 135 MHZ overclock (about 15% overclock). Been running Portal 2, Tomb Raider on it so far. Will eventually be running...
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    helps me! Surface that loop UEFI

    There are two possible solutions that a techie explains here: Surface Pro: Known Issues, Bugs & Quick Fixes | CRASHCTRL He calls it "Secure Boot Loader Loop" under "Hardware Problems" in his index at the top of his page.
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    Mouse activity will not wake my Surface Pro

    It wakes up for me every time by clicking the mouse and moving it. The wedge is a touch mouse I understand, try tapping it and moving it at the same time.
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    Are Microsoft Surface Pro is worth to buy ?

    You should consider the Surface Pro as an Ultrabook/laptop in tablet form-factor, you can do anything on it that you would be able to do on a laptop or desktop with similar specs (i5 dual core processor and HD4000 graphics and full windows OS) with the bonus of touch screen, digitizer pen, and...

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