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    Upgrade to Win 10, having some issues.

    I don't see the wireless icon anymore, so I don't know how to connect to my home network. Supposedly when swiping from the right edge, the wireless icon should be there, but it's not on my SP2. Also the SP2 lost connection with my Bluetooth mouse. Please help, any advice is much appreciated...
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    Case for SP3 with power cover.

    Hi, What are the choices for a case for an SP3 with a power cover? Most of the cases I see are for either the Touch or for the Type cover. The thicker power cover seems to present a particular issue. Thanks!!
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    Anybody able to install it on the SP2 and got it to work? I got bluestacks, and the showbox apk installed, but when I clicked on the "Eye" icon, nothing happens. There's supposed to be a list of movies, shows,... On my phone, Galaxy Note 2, Showbox works fine. Thanks,
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    Plugged In, NOT Charging, Why?

    Everytime I plugged in the charging cable, the SP2 immediately notices it, and the battery icon shows "plugged in", but it also indicates "not charging". I have to restart the SP2, then it'll show "plugged in, charging". Thanks,
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    External battery for recharge?

    I had the same question as you. I ended up getting the power cover. Made the SP2 a little bulkier, but that doesn't bother me. I recently flew across the Atlantic. Watched 2 movies, and still had some charge leftover
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    Does Google Chromecast work with the SP2?

    Hi, I just bought the Chromecast thingie. I downloaded the Chromecast app and set it up with my Note 2 phone, worked as advertised, from the phone. Now I'd like to use it with the SP2. I looked for the Chromecast app in Google Play store, using the SP2, and the app is not there. Do I need that...
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    Change of sign-in security password.

    All of a sudden, everytime when I start up the SP2, it asks for my hotmail password. Prior to that, I had selected the option of entering a 4-digit number that I picked to sign in. How do I go back to using that 4-digit number? Do I need to re-set it? I couldn't find where to do that. Please...
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    Battery charging questions.

    I have a power cover with my SP2. I plugged in the charging cable, then clicked on the battery icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, and saw this notification message: [1] Why does it say "Plugged in, not charging"? [2] How was the "91% available" calculated? I understand Battery #1...
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    Standby/Sleep mode.

    [1] Are Standby and Sleep the same thing? [2] I don't want to turn off the SP2 after every use. So I just press the power button at the upper corner. Sometimes, I forget to press the button, and instead just fold up the power cover against the screen. Is the result the same either way? Thanks!
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    Power cover oddity.

    When I want to go back to a previous web page, I always hit Alt + Left Arrow. With the power cover, it turns the web page from landscape to portrait orientation. Alt + other arrow positions alternatively rotates the screen through 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees,... I'm using Chrome browser...
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    SP2 and power cover.

    Thanks for that info, pretty elaborate sequence.
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    SP2 and power cover.

    So does Battery 2 (cover battery) always drain first before power is drawn from the SP2's battery (Battery 1)? Thanks,
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    SP2 and power cover.

    I see Battery 1 and Battery 2. Which is the battery in the cover, and which is the battery in the SP2? When I tap on the battery icon, it shows 1220 hr 50 min remaining. Does the "1220" mean 12 hours + 20 minutes? And the total time remaining is 12 hours + 20 minutes + 50 minutes? Thanks,
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    Will the power cover require a larger case?

    Ah, should have inspected the case a bit more. Thanks.
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    Will the power cover require a larger case?

    I just received the Maroo case from Microsoft store. One problem: where do you store the stylus? I didn't know about this before I bought the case, but the bumper prevents the stylus from being to fully seat in the magnetic connector. :(
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    Will the power cover require a larger case?

    Why do you need both the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2?
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    Couple questions about the charger.

    Thanks yeewiz, So the Anker batter pack is out, with regards to USB connection, but it can go up to 19 V. What are my options to charge the SP2 without an outlet? I'm thinking of getting the power cover as well...
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    Couple questions about the charger.

    [1] The USB port on the charger AC adapter, what is it for? [2] I have an Anker battery pack (I use to charge my phone, other laptops,...) when I don't have access to a household outlet. It has USB ports. Where can I get a charging cable with one end USB and the other end "magnetic" like on...
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    Will the power cover require a larger case?

    I assume you carry it without a case?

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