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    who else uses a usb hub 3.0 and external 3.0 hard drive? questions 4 you

    I have a Surface pro, an ANKER usb hub 3.0 and a Toshiba canvio usb 3.0 external hardrive. the 1.5tb version. the reason I made this thread is because, when hooked up to my hub, non powered, the portable hard drive loves to act funny and mount and dismount when it pleases basically. lol I...
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    if you have a Spro1, MS complete care, and want a Spro2, read this!

    Check out what I just came across. Seems like if you have a pro1 and MS complete care, they do have a "sort of" trade up program. It will cost $$$ though and using up 1 of your 2 replacements. Check it out SP1 to SP2 Trade-In (MS Complete) : Surface
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    People Actually thinking the Lumia 2520 can compare to Surface Pro 2

    I was on Appy Geek reading an article from Product Review. I had to stop and post this. They are trying to make it seem like the Surface Pro 2 is in trouble from this new Nokia RT tablet. itd be more understandable if they trying to compare to Surface 2. but nooo, they going for the big...
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    Surface 2 Reviews and videos

    I am very impressed with now much faster Surface 2 is compared to the original. Take a look for yourself. Here's some videos and reviews. Surface 2 Unboxing: Surface 2 Internet Explorer Performance:
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    Surface Pro 2 Reviews and Videos

    Here you go. they are released into the wild and its looking very good for MS so far. Even Engadget loved it in their video review. Anandtech was definitely impressed and recommends it. but as always, theres room for improvement. Pro2 looks to be a winner. Engadget video review...
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    Intel Releases Updated Generic Drivers for Intel HD4000 Graphics, Fixes Bugs

    Just a f.y.I. for those interested or having driver/graphic issues. Intel just released an updated driver for our HD4000 integrated graphics. Its said to fix alot of bugs in Win8 64bit. Here is the link to the article discussing it. In there has direct link to Intel page with driver download...
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    updating drivers besides intel generic hd 4000. who has updated other driver manually

    I'm trying to find out who has updated drivers for their device besides the Intel graphics HD 4000. We know if we update to generic one, a system update will reappear. Then if you install it'll roll the driver back to Microsoft own older custom one. Its also known that checking for updates...

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