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  1. ARosch

    32GB Surface RT for $199.99 on Black Friday

    Best Buy is selling the 32GB Surface RT for $199.99 on Black Friday. Here is the ad scan Best Buy Black Friday Ad for Best Buy Black Friday 2013 at
  2. ARosch

    RDP Issue

    I am having issues using remote desktop with my Surface RT. I would like to remotely connect to my home desktop and view the entire screen without having to scroll. Whenever I maximize the RDP window, the below image is what I get. I have tried right clicking on the RDP window and hitting full...
  3. ARosch

    Best Buy Surface Trade In

    It looks like Best Buy is doing a special trade in program for the Surface and Surface Pro that ends the day before the second generation tablets are released. Page states that you would receive $200 minimum but when you click to find out the trade in value, the numbers are different. Online...
  4. ARosch

    People Syncing

    Is it possible to sync the people from my Windows Phone to my Surface RT? I thought this would be something simple to do, but have not been able to figure it out yet. Both devices are set up using the same Microsoft Live Account. Also, is there an app that shows battery life as a live tile...
  5. ARosch

    Free touch or type cover

    Starting now, if you buy a Surface RT then you get a free touch cover (your color choice) or free type cover. Free Touch or Type Cover with the purchase of Surface RT this month in US & Canada
  6. ARosch

    Screen Timeout

    Is there a way to adjust how long the screen lasts before going black. I did some looking and found nothing, but perhaps I was looking in the wrong place. Also, I have noticed when viewing PDFs that my screen will switch back and forth between bright and dim just randomly without me touching...
  7. ARosch


    First, are there are PDF viewers out there where you can jump to a certain page without having to first go there and bookmark it? I find myself using textbooks several times each day on my Surface and I am usually not close to the beginning of the book. I have tried the default Reader and Adobe...
  8. ARosch

    RT Jailbreak - from XDA

    Not sure who all has seen this yet, but I thought I would share it. [Release] RT Jailbreak Tool - xda-developers It is a thread about how to basically hack the surface and install non marketplace apps. The only catches are that you have to run the hack each time you turn the tablet on and...
  9. ARosch

    Remote Desktop App

    Is there a good App for remote desktop? I would like to use the surface to control my desktop when I am not sitting at my desk. I know on Android I always used splashtop because it came free with my Asus Transformer. Also, is there a terminal app that I could use to ssh into the computers at...
  10. ARosch

    If you could do it again... 32 or 64?

    So I have been asking myself this question lately and I thought I would see what others had to say and why. If you could do it again, would you buy the 32gb or the 64gb? Please note that I am not asking if you would buy the Surface again, I am asking what size you would buy.

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