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    SP4 plus free dock

    Guys I am looking to buy a SP4 for my brother and someone posted on reddit that there is a promo code for subscribers to MS deals for SP4 10% Off + free dock. If someone who doesn't need it could message me his would be a massive help! Thanks :)
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    Cortana on Android

    Not sure if I should post this here.. Anyhow, is there anyone that could provide us with the .apk of Cortana Android app? Being in the UK means that we don't have access to Cortana through the play store yet.. :(
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    skype heating issue

    Hello guys Quick question. Skype is making my machine very hot and my fan goes crazy every time. Do you get this as well?
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    New user guide

    Hello everyone, I am ordering my sp4 i5,8gb after all from the Microsoft online store in order to get the student discount. I would really appreciate if you guys could let me know what I should be looking for especially in the first days in order to locate any problems/defects. I have also seen...
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    Sell Surface Book for SP4??

    I have been a member here long enough to see that most members are trustworthy and honest. So I want you guys to give me your opinion. I like my Surface Book. It's great, it works great and it really stands out. But I found myself not really using it as a tablet. Sometimes this is because it has...
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    Touch screen issues

    I have searched for this but struggled to find anything regarding the Surface Book exclusively. My touch screen becomes unresponsive at (not sure if random) times, does not register any touches at all but power and volume buttons are still functional. I can say that it happens sometimes after...
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    Thermal Issue Windows Apps

    Hello everyone, I had this question since day 2 of using my Surface Book (i5, 256) I understand that SB gets hotter and fan can come on while charging and using it even for the light use I do like surfing and document editing on onenote and word. However, when I use ACESTREAM, POPCORN TIME (and...
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    Previous Windows Applications

    Hello guys, My SB(i5, 256GB) has been running very smoothly and quietly, the fans never seem to kick in. However, when I use the Skype for Desktop application, the pc starts to heat up very quickly and the fans kick in very soon after that. Why would that be? I mean my android phone runs skype...
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    Surface Book Charger Led Indicator

    Hello everybody, I searched for this but could not really find it anywhere please excuse me if I am mistaken. So I very recently(yesterday) got my Surface Book. My indicator switched on to white as long as I plugged it in and it started charging. I switched off the device last night (shut down)...

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