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  1. Ruffles

    Landscape VS portrait

    I noticed the Windows home button has moved. I wonder if MS is intending the SP3 to be used more in portrait orientation?
  2. Ruffles

    Office for iPad

    I didn't see this discussed yet so forgive me if it's already mentioned somewhere else. Today, MS release Office for iPads. This concerns me as they just removed one of the key advantages of their own devices. As much as I love my Surface RT and Pro 2, it looks to me that MS is not putting up...
  3. Ruffles

    Skydrive tray icon is back

    After today's updates, it appears MS added the SkyDrive tray icon back that allows you to view sync issues etc. Hopefully, they've made some improvements and manually syncing things won't be necessary but it's nice that they brought it back.
  4. Ruffles

    A Surface advantage I'd overlooked

    My sister in law bought a new HP laptop the other day and brought it over for me to configure etc. I love Win 8 and have it on my Surface and my desktop but my desktop has conventional monitors - no touch. Her laptop was the first time I had used touch on a computer besides my Surface and it...
  5. Ruffles

    Type cover 2 backlight sensor

    Does anyone know how/where the backlight sensor is for the Type Cover 2 keyboard? I'm curious how it works. Sometimes, my keys light up when there is any type of movement anywhere near my tablet. Other times, I have to place my hands directly over the keys for them to light up. I've wondered...
  6. Ruffles

    Ideas for making the touch pad more visible

    Hi everyone. My wife and I got have Surfaces. I bought the touch cover 1 for her and the type cover 1 for me. While I tried hers out a few times, I never tried it under dim lighting. When the type cover 2 came out, I wanted to get it because I wanted a different color keyboard and I thought...
  7. Ruffles

    Hit by Murphy's law last night

    Last night, I taught a photoshop class for my camera club. I've had CS5 installed on my surface for a while and I went through my presentation previously and everything worked great...just like it always has. My Surface has never let me down. Last night, however, it seemed like it was out to...
  8. Ruffles

    Windows 8 credit card software?

    Are any of you aware of software/hardware for charging credit cards that is available for Windows devices? I'm looking for something like Square or ems+ that will work on either my Nokia 920 or my SP2. I do event photography for Halloween and Christmas so I have pretty low volume and I don't...
  9. Ruffles

    Power options Max CPU settings missing?

    I went into my power options to tweak some settings. There used to be a setting for the max & min CPU usage but it's not there anymore. I've got a SP2 with Win 8.1. Has this been removed or is something up with my machine?
  10. Ruffles

    XBox Music and Photos App Issues Solved

    Just FYI - I had been having problems with xBox music throwing errors when downloading music and my photos app kept crashing. After digging into it, I found my problem. When I got my SP2, I set it up with a different machine name than I used on my SP1. When I logged in with my Microsoft...
  11. Ruffles

    OCD arranging tiles :)

    Anyone else have to have all their tiles form a complete "section"? It's like playing tetris for me :).
  12. Ruffles

    New battery life is finally starting to sync in :)

    I only got about 3.5 hours on my SP1. While I loved it, I was paranoid about battery life. I had 3 chargers - one at work, one in the home office, and one that I took everywhere else. Battery management was ALWAYS on my mind. If I was going to sit on the couch and watch Netflix, I'd grab a...
  13. Ruffles

    Picture password weirdness

    Hey everyone, my SP2 does something weird that my SP1 never did. I use a picture password to log in. On occasion (I'd say 1 out of 20 times), I'll tap the first position on my picture and I'll see a line stretch from the top right corner to where my finger tapped. It's like I'm tapping the...
  14. Ruffles

    No audio enhancements

    I listen to xBox music all day on my Surface. My Pro 1 had some enhancements available for the headphones like bass boost and loudness etc. My new Pro 2 doesn't have these options :(. I guess I'll have to try to find some kind of control panel add on for the RealTek audio. The 2 seems to...
  15. Ruffles

    8.1 Lockscreen slide show issue

    Hi everyone. Just finished the update to 8.1 on my SP. I was looking forward to the Lock Screen slide show. I went to enable it and some of the options are missing. For example, I have the switch to show the lockscreen slide show when the PC is inactive but there is no combo to select the...
  16. Ruffles

    No built in stylus holder?

    I didn't see any mention of a build in stylus holder on the new Surface Pro 2. It's not a deal breaker for me but I expected them to add one. The magnetic power holder is a joke.
  17. Ruffles

    Mail indentation

    This has been bugging me for a while. How do you indent a paragraph in the Mail app and return to the regular margins? Once I press the tab button, I can't return to the left margin. (edit) I tried to type an example here but the board doesn't seem to allow tabs/leading white spaces so it...
  18. Ruffles

    Restored Image of One Surface to Another

    FYI - I got my replacement surface last night. I started it up and confirmed the fans worked the way the should. Next, I started Macruim Reflect on my old tablet and made one last image of all the partitions. I deactivated Reflect on my old tablet and installed it on the new one and made a...
  19. Ruffles

    Surface Pro used for Nokia Here mapping

    Interesting video...
  20. Ruffles

    Dealing with MS never goes smoothly for me

    My fans in my Surface Pro have started making a rattle noise. Obviously, it's a bearing or something. I used to only hear the whoosh of the air but now it's a distinct mechanical sound. Also, I think the 8/13/13 update makes the fans run more often but that's beside the point. I went to...