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  1. benjitek

    Windows 10 Driver Pack is Available for Surface Pro 2 :-)

    Just happened to check the download site, the Windows 10 drivers are out for the SP2 -- released today. I did a clean install, so they didn't show up in Windows Update, I assume if you did an in-place upgrade, they might come through Windows Update? After extracting all the files, I don't see...
  2. benjitek

    Clean Install W10 Release Version

    I've been using the beta since it first came out via the Insider program (Fast-Ring). I realize the free-upgrade stays in place if I keep my SP2 setup with Insider, however, I want to do a clean install of the release version regularly, not via Insider. Using the Windows 10 factory-reset...
  3. benjitek

    512GB SP2 Sale @ Best Buy: $799!

    The SP2 512GB model is on sale at Best Buy for $799 ($800 less than it's previous price) The 256GB model is also on...
  4. benjitek

    Surface Pro 3: Six Months Later
  5. benjitek

    Surface Pro 3 is one of the most breakable tablets you can give this Christmas
  6. benjitek

    Potential Fix for SP3 Overheating Issue

    Looks like some resourceful users have found a fix:
  7. benjitek

    CNET Prizefight: SP3 vs. 13" MacBook Air
  8. benjitek

    Lenovo halts sales of small-screen Windows tablets in US due to lack of interest

    Lenovo pulls 8-inch Windows 8 tablets, redirects ThinkPad 8 stocks to developing countries, where there's more interest
  9. benjitek

    Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi issues acknowledged by Microsoft
  10. benjitek

    Firmware Update: June 2014

    I'm not having the greatest luck after finally receiving the June firmware update. Some of it has to do with the mouse, and the other is a new error upon every cold boot. Mouse I have a Logitech wireless mouse with a Unifying Receiver plugged into the USB port. Prior to the firmware update...
  11. benjitek

    Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers: DISCONTINUED

    :nerd:Microsoft quietly discontinues Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter | ZDNet
  12. benjitek

    Drew Brees Evangelist for Microsoft Surface...?

    Some football player is starting to promote Microsoft Surface. It appears that Microsoft somehow managed to buy a spot on the Chelsea Handler show -- very odd and out-of-place to see her interviewing someone for the sole purpose of promoting a gadget. Must have been in a stack of 'if we can't...
  13. benjitek

    Case for Wireless Keyboard Adapter

    For the price, you'd think Microsoft would've included a custom sleeve to put the wand-like wireless keyboard adapter in. Doesn't necessarily need cushioning, just something to prevent it from getting scratched up in your backpack. Had an epiphany of sorts -- bought a new umbrella and the...