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    Surface Book 2 Plugged in Not Charging

    I have this problem too on a Surface Book 13.5 inch with i7 dGPU. New machine only had it a few days. Often it will be plugged in and not charging, and will alternate back and forth between charging then not charging. Meanwhile there will be a clicking coming from the base as you can see it...
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    Wi-fi slow coming out of sleep until restart

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro 4 I7 model and often when I come out of sleep mode the wifi will be slow. It can only be fixed by restarting the computer. The other half of the time the Wi-Fi will show a little triangle symbol and will require me to disconnect and reconnect it from the taskbar for it...
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    Surface Pro 4 Docking Station USB issues

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anybody has issues with plugging in more than one USB into the dock? I run into a lot of problems where it will disconnect one USB and only power one device which will require a reboot to fix then it works. In device manager it will say the usb device descriptor...
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    Battery Usage By App

    Hi, A few weeks ago I did a recovery on my SP4 i7 and have noticed that the battery usage by app section is no longer reporting any battery usage from any of the apps like it used to. I used to use that to turn off apps that were using more than they should. It says "we only track usage when...
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    Surface Pro 4 i7 Keeps Freezing

    Hi, I've been having a really frustrating issue where every 30min or so my Surface totally freezes and the mouse and keyboard don't respond. The only way to get it to work is to press the standby button and then switch it back on. It then works as normal again for a while then will freeze...