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  1. Deckyon

    SP2 to Current SP i7, 16GB, 512GB

    I got an SP2 years back, when it was still new. I used it for travel to do some light photo and video editing (Adobe apps) as well as emergency (haha) gaming with WoW and later Skyrim. It worked well enough, and it still works decently. Well, as the apps are getting more demanding, I needed...
  2. Deckyon

    Why a Microsoft Surface?

    Yep, title says it all. This is just me wanting to share info and see what others think about their decision to buy the Microsoft Surface. I dont work for anyone of import when it comes to consumer electronics. I am a network engineer for an international corporation. 1. Why did you buy a...
  3. Deckyon

    Photoshop Replacement?

    So I tried searching to see if there were any good Photoshop alternatives. Both in these forums and on the Windows Shop (keep wanting to say App Store). I cannot find anything yet that looks like it will meet my needs. I am not looking for Lightwave or other management software. I need...
  4. Deckyon

    Just joined.

    I have been in the computer field since '94. I have worked with nearly every desktop and server OS out there, but most of my corporate life has been split between Windows and IRIX (SGI). At home I have 2 Mac computers - MBP 17" and a MacMini running my media center (Apple TV and iTunes - and...