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    Auto touch keyboard.

    Is there a way to automatically show the on screen keyboard when I select a dialogue box such as a google search bar in chrome?I think it may done this for me but stopped when I upgraded to 8.1 and I can't find the option to enable it.It is a bit annoying to manually select the keypad each time...
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    Civilization 5

    I just started a game and it runs well enough but I think it will struggle in the late game, even my desktop with 2 dedicated graphics cards and an i-5 running at 4.5Ghz has some issues, has anyone got to the end game?
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    Your preferred resolution

    1920 x 1080 with 225% scaling, my eyesight aint so sharp anymore.
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    Spotting a Surface in the wild...

    Most of the I.T. lecturers at my college have a pro 1, the few that didn't picked one up cheap with academic discount when the pro 2 came out and over here in Australia and they basically halved the price of the old model to $500. Apart from that only one HR goon at a job interview.
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    Getting A Surface Pro!

    Go to JB Hi-Fi and and get them to price match the MS store price of $539 for the 128GB model, that is the academic price but they don't check your credentials so just say your a student if they ask.The 64GB is a little small on space when you consider win 8 takes up about 25GB,my 128 had only...