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    Roku 3 + Miracast

    Roku 3 now supports Miracast. The Surface Pro 2 is fully supported with Miracast - but I haven't been able to get it working. It detects the Roku as "Roku 3 - 843" in the wireless display section but when I try...
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    Electrical buzzing sound coming from my SP2

    I was in bed reading some news on my SP2 and noticed a faint electrical buzzing sort of sound coming from my SP2. I then put my ear to the rear of the SP2 and could hear the buzzing very clearly. I left it turned off (full shutdown) for a day then turned it back on but the buzzing is still...
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    How to update Surface Pro 2 Recovery Image Drivers (fixes unknown device with reset)

    Looks like someone has found a permanent fix for the "Surface cover telemetry" unknown device when you reset your SP2. I just went through the steps then reset my SP2. Unknown device is now gone! I think I'm also getting a big more battery life but maybe this is my imagination. Systems Admin...
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    Surface Pro 2 Gaming

    Well the Surface Pro 2 (running Intel HD4400) is going to be released on the 23rd of October with some decent hardware improvements. Microsoft is claiming 50% better graphics performance. So I was curious to know what gaming would like on it. Now obviously a tablet is no gaming machine for...

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